From Borrower To Owner – The Rent To Own Phenomenon

Ever felt that setting up a house in Bangalore is so damn expensive, it practically makes your salary vanish? Well, we can relate to that. For young people, especially 20-35 age group, living in a decently furnished home has become an expensive affair. You could move into a fully furnished house, but how is that budget-friendly? Finding a home that suits your needs is hard enough, so imagine the pain of having to buy furniture and appliances too!

New furniture and appliances may seem enticing, but the price? Too much for the average youngster to afford. So naturally, what do you do? You look for second-hand merchandise. Well, that’s not always great. Know why?

  1. Bad condition
    They could be in bad shape. Most people sell their household stuff when they aren’t functioning that well. It could meet your requirement, but how long it would last that way, is a big question indeed.
  2. Overpriced
    You pay more than necessary. Everyone wants a bargain. Resellers too. So there is a chance that you are paying more than what the product is worth.
  3. Repairs/Fixes
    Fixing the product could cost more in the long run. Imagine a washing machine that breaks down constantly. You’ll have two choices then, wear dirty clothes or shell out more cash to fix the machine. Not good either way.
  4. Transporation
    Transporting the items will be a headache. Assume that you did find what you needed by some stroke of luck. You’ll have to arrange means to get it delivered to your home and if you ever need to shift houses, you’ll have to arrange packers and movers for that as well. Expensive. Too damn expensive.

So What’s The Other Option?

The other option, the better option is to rent everything you need. And how can you do that? Simple – log on to

Everything you need for a house is readily available on Guarented. Beds, sofas, dining tables, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and even security gear. The catch? The rent is phenomenal. You get everything at a menial monthly rent. If our calculations are correct, and they are BTW – you’ll save around 80K INR if you rent household products and not buy them or even take up a fully furnished house.

You can check out some of our Household Appliances Package deals. You can get everything for your home at rents as low as INR 1,000 per month. Some of the other benefits that this method has are as follows –

  • Free pickup and delivery. So the transportation costs from your side are almost nothing.
  • Maintenance and repair services are free during the tenure. In case the appliance fails, you’ll get it repaired or replaced for free.
  • Payment methods are pretty easy. Very unlike when you go to, say Shivajinagar or so to buy furniture, where you’ll have to carry cash. With Guarented you can simply pay online or opt for COD. As simple as that.
  • Quality assurance. Every product put up on rent has passed a series of rigorous tests at the end of which they are deemed fit for use. No unexpected break-downs and even if in the rarest of cases a product does fail, refer to second point above.

The entire process looks pretty much like online shopping. You browse ( our collection is amazing), you pick and you put down a nominal security deposit for what you want. The product is delivered to your home and you start paying monthly rents until such time as you wish to discontinue its use.

How Does Owning Come Into The Picture?

Back to the whole point of this write-up. So, let’s assume that you’ve been renting something with Guarented for a few months and you’ve absolutely started loving it. As in, you know it hasn’t failed, there are no faults to report so you know the condition of the item is decent. And if you’re going to stay put in the same city for some more time, you can simply buy the products from Guarented. As easy as 1,2,3. There is no more moving around, or trials or experiments. Simply pay the difference and the products become yours!

Some of the benefits you have here are –

  1. The certainty that the product is fully functional and operational. No worries about washing machines that leak or sofas with broken springs. You’ve tried it and you know it suits your needs well.
  1. No transporting anything. Everything stays wherever it is already. The only muscle flexing needed is to make that additional payment.
  1. The cost is minimal. Probably even lesser than if you were to buy second-hand merchandise. The longer you’ve been renting, the lesser you’ll pay. You are essentially paying the difference from the sales price. Each rent payment you make will be deducted from the sales price.

With so many benefits and a natural progression sort of flow, this is the best youngsters could ask for. If you found a place you loved and stayed in with your friends and later on, the friends go their ways and maybe you move onto more permanent things like marriage or family, simply pay the difference and own everything you’ve been using. No hunting around for things you need or arranging for them to be delivered. Not convinced enough? Do take a look at our amazing products to experience it yourself.

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