Buying A Bed? Not Before You Read This

Beds are some of the greatest furniture products ever! We’ve saved ourselves from a lifetime of back pain and diseases by just opting to lie down on a comfortable mattress placed on a sturdy bed. If you are in the process of looking for a new bed, be warned that buying one without enough research can be problematic. Of course, you can always pick a bed that looks the nicest and place an order online, but it may not always suit your needs. Or worse, you could have the bed delivered at your doorstep only to realize that it doesn’t fit your room or go with the decor theme. Either way, when buying a bed, here are the 5 rules that you must stick to.

No.1- What’s your budget?

Beds come in all kinds of price ranges. Today we even have electronic beds that have a charging port, entertainment options and more! But such beds could cost well into a lakh or more. If your budget is kind of tight, opt for metal or engineered wood types. They are very affordable and can last for a few years when properly cared for. Such beds are ideal for short term uses. On the other hand, if you have the budget to spend 20-40 thousand, opt for dense wood beds which will last for decades!

No.2 – Dimensions

Or in other words, what type of bed – Kind, queen, double, single, bunk or trundle? There are quite a few options that you can choose from based on your space and sleep requirements. Single beds would be the most affordable ones and king-sized ones would be the most highly priced ones. But the size alone doesn’t decide the final cost. The materials used in construction, the design elements and brand value all contribute to the price.

No. 3 – Vendor Reputation

One of the most important things you must pay attention to, and this applies to any furniture product, is the reputation of the company you are buying from. Anyone with a considerable tenure and enough online presence would be a decent bet. If the company manufactures its own products, the better it is. They rely on word of mouth and testimonials from their customers to further increase their base and therefore fear backlash more than anything else. This makes them put forth their best products and services always!

No. 4 – Post Sale Services

Without this, you’re going to struggle a lot. All brand new furniture products should ideally come with a warranty that will cover repairs on damages caused due to manufacturing defects. So if you don’t find a warranty with the bed, best find another option. Furniture can face quite a lot of wear and tear especially when used around kids. A warranty will ensure some budget protection and save you the hassle of having to hunt for a carpenter as and when breaks, dents and cracks appear.

No.5 – Perks

We don’t mean free delivery, free pickup in case of returns and all that. That’s the basic every furniture seller provides these days. We mean something that could mean a lot to the customers. What if the customer did not like the product upon delivery? Will the return policy accommodate easy returns? Or will they demand answers to unnecessary questions? With Guarented, you’ll get a 24 hrs no questions asked return policy. Just let us know and we’ll have it picked back up.

Likewise, what if the customer wishes to discontinue using it shortly after buying due to reasons like relocation or other emergencies? Finding ways to dispose of furniture is not very easy. Advertising it, negotiating with buyers, having them come over to look at the product and finally settling for a lesser deal, are all a big headache.

Which is why Guarented has deviced a very innovative Buyback feature. With this, the customer can sell the product back to us for a pre-determined sum of money should he want to give up the product within a year of sale.

It’s Raining Beds at Guarented

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