5 Important Things to Remember Before Buying a Fridge in Bangalore

Fridges are an important purchase. A refrigerator is an investment you need to get right because it involves plenty of money and is often a purchase of a lifetime. Choosing one for your home isn’t always about looks and color, but involves several other factors.

Do go through the below points before you purchase one for your home.


When it comes to refrigerators, know what type it is and what looks good in your kitchen. Fridges come in 3 basic styles with each having their own unique characteristics.

  • TOP FREEZER – The most popular one and older in style, the freezer is at the top and fridge is below
  • SIDE BY SIDE – Fast catching up is the side by side door which open outwards, with the freezer and fridge placed side by side.
  • FRENCH DOOR – In this style the doors open outwards but the freezer is placed at the bottom

There are some variations to these styles and although everyone of them does the same thing, you need to choose what works best for you.


Spatial constraints are very significant in picking up the right refrigerator. Always check for the height of the doorway or the space of the corner where you want to place your fridge and select the size accordingly. If not done properly, the doors might bump into walls or other furniture.


Are you single or married with kids? Do you have old people at home or are suffering from an ailment yourself? Consider these before you invest. Big families will require large storage and may need above 500 L storage, whereas for a couple, a simple 300 L will do. Top freezer works best for people who don’t want to bend or have physical ailments.


Refrigerator compartments, freezer space, produce drawers are all variable in different fridges and therefore it matters that you know your family’s food habits to select the right type of fridge. Consider what type of foods you eat, how often you buy them, what are the quantities – all of which will help you make your decision. If frozen dinners are your option, then choose one with a large freezer, for veggies choose fridges with multiple small compartments, and beverages will require plenty of door space.


Refrigerator shelves are available either as plastic/glass sheets or the ‘old’ wire type. While the former is easier to wipe down, wire shelving takes time and manoeuvring. White exterior or a smudge-free finish makes cleaning easy.

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