Best Wood Types For Sofas

Sofas are a staple in every household. There’s something about a well built, stylish sofa that exudes a posh, inviting vibe, wouldn’t you agree? But all the style is for naught unless the frame of the sofa itself is crafted in a sturdy fashion. So how can you make a sturdy frame for a sofa? … Read more

A Guide For Working (From Home) Parents

Yes, the pandemic is still one and it does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Even though it’s been months since the lockdown commenced, many are still trying to balance both work and professional life, along with many other circumstantial issues and the constant worry for falling sick. It is not an easy … Read more

Modern Benches And Pouffes!

A well-crafted bench or pouffe in the right addition is a perfect addition to any room! For those unaware, a bench is an elongated seating utility and if often made of wood or metal. Meanwhile, a pouffe is a cushioned footstool which can sometimes have a cavity inside to be used as storage. Together, they … Read more