Why Rental Furnitures Are Better Choice

Why Rental Furnitures Are Better Choice Introduction The smart new trend in the market is to rent furniture instead of buying them. This tactic allows the consumer to save a lot of money and also helps him meet all his needs.  It is an intelligent revolutionary idea. Benefits Rental furniture is extremely affordable. Since the … Read more

Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Why should you rent furniture? Introduction Furniture plays an important part in making our life luxurious and comfortable. Everyone needs furniture in their homes whether it is for their comfort or for the looks of the house but it is a need. But do you have any idea about furniture rental? I do not think … Read more

4 Working Tips to Rent Sofas

4 Working Tips to rent sofas Sofas are that type of furniture which has the power to transform the look of your home from ordinary to extraordinary. While we all know the importance of sofa in designing our homes, owning sofas can be really expensive. Sofa sets today, come in all shapes and sizes and … Read more

5 Things Your Home Desperately Needs

Roti, Kapda and Makaan are what we consider as the three basic things humans need to survive. Or is it? Well, definitions are changing so we’re pretty sure these days it is pizza, Wi-fi, and cheap cabs. Especially for Bangaloreans. Because if you have no house but you have Wi-fi, you can simply Google and … Read more

5 Furniture Rental Myths

Well, we’re a company that deals with renting furniture and appliances among other fun things. So we’ve had our share of weird questions being asked of us. Hence, this article. We felt the need to bust some really stupid myths around renting furniture not because it is good for our business, but because the myths … Read more