10 Advantages Of Gaming

Now, we know that this is a sensitive topic given that gaming addiction has actively destroyed many lives. But, it does not negate the fact that scientific research does point towards the fact that when practised in moderation, gaming does have immense benefits. We repeat once again, that losing self control and spending endless hours … Read more

Games That Pay You Real Money

Yes, this is a real thing. Some games do pay its players. Not virtual money. Real money. Some folks, especially in the west depend on gaming for an income and as unconventional as it sounds, it has become a popular choice among young people to pursue a career in gaming. This isn’t referring to game … Read more

Top 10 Games For Playstations

Well since you landed here, we’re guessing you are a huge fan of virtual games. Welcome to the club! At Guarented, we’re very enthusiastic about our playstations and its games. We’re also conscious about gaming addictions which is why make it a point to tell our readers about the issues related to too much gaming. … Read more