Winter Is Coming. Is Your Home Ready?

house in winter

Winters in Bangalore are a whole other level of awesome. The Garden City is slowly phasing into the cold as we near the mid of November. If you live in this city, we’re sure you’ve already started to feel that temperature drop. And while you gear up to power through the upcoming winter season, your … Read more

5 Tips To Stay Safe During Pandemics

Have you watched the movie Contagion? If not, now would be a good time to watch it. Barring a few commercial elements, Contagion did get the gist of a viral pandemic spot on. When we first heard about a novel strain of the Coronavirus having appeared in China and causing severe infection in the Chinese … Read more

5 Tips To Store More With Wall Shelves

Gah! Storage! Can’t do with it can’t do without it! When designing homes, three things get prime brainstorming  – budget, aesthetic & STORAGE! Thanks to some fine architects from across the world, storage solutions have evolved quite a lot from their early days. The past decade alone has seen everything from a lone chair being … Read more

5 Health Tips For This Rainy Season

Monsoons are in full swing and some parts of our country have already been hit by floods that claimed a dozen lives. While rains are an essential phenomenon, they aren’t always the harbinger of good news. Monsoons often cause outbreaks of viral infections and other water-borne diseases and thus affecting everyone’s daily lives. If you’re … Read more