TV Unit Design Inspiration For Your Home

Everybody loves watching TV! While a TV can just be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall, having an entertainment/TV unit helps immensely. It helps you stash away your video/audio accessories, remotes, and more. While plenty of TV units in stylish designs are easily available in the market, picking the right one for … Read more

Couch Vs Sofa: What’s the difference?

Look at the picture below. Do you feel like calling it a “couch”? Probably no, right? Now take a look at the next picture. NOW THAT’S more like a couch! You already feel like climbing in, curling up and Netflix-ing! Over the years, we’ve come to associate a “couch” with a comfy version of a … Read more

Modern Sofa Set Designs And Ideas

We’ve already covered hundred-odd topics on sofas alone, but we’re not bored of them just yet. We’ll probably do a 100 more because this is one category of furniture that will never stop trending. Modern sofa designs for living room are reaching epic levels of creativity. As a company that takes pride in the furniture they … Read more

5 Furniture Arrangement Mistakes To Avoid

People often underestimate the power of proper arrangement. You may have a beautiful house and fancy furnishings, but if your furniture isn’t arranged in the right way, it could cheapen the look of your entire house! If you are clueless about modern concepts of home furnishing, you can always seek professional help from an interior … Read more

How To Pick The Right Curtains For Your Living Room

Curtains and drapes were once solely for the purpose of providing some privacy to people. Today, they’re decor elements that are carefully designed and picked to suit individual homeowner’s tastes. People spend a considerable amount of time browsing curtain fabric, design, texture, and even length before finally zeroing in on that they want. If you … Read more

How To Get Your Home Ready For Valentines

Yes, it is Feb. And if you’re a committed person, you’ll know all too well about how couples go out of their way to make Valentine’s day special for their partners. While some people (singles, mostly) claim that this is an overrated festival, the truth is that in today’s busy lives, events like Valentine’s day, … Read more