Second Hand Goods Are Rising In Demand

If recent studies are to be believed, then there’s a fact that surprised most Indians. Second hand goods are rising in popularity and that’s not just in our country, but across the globe. We are coming out of our conventional mindsets and embracing the idea of reusing household products. And that is nothing short of … Read more

A bunch of letters from our Happy Customers

Positive feedback is often what keeps companies and people motivated. We are no different. In the span of our tenure, we’ve come across some great reviews. But of late, we’ve been getting reviews or rather stories from our beloved customers on how Guarented played a part in making their lives considerably easier. More than motivation, … Read more

The First Long Weekend Of 2018 Is Here

It’s official, thanks to the unexpected bandh today, the good people of Bengaluru are getting Thursday through Sunday off! So if you still haven’t made any plans, here are some things you could do over the weekend! 1. Watch The Republic Day Parade Most Indian kids had an annual tradition of gathering with the family … Read more