How To Celebrate Holi In Your Office

Holi is here again! It is the festival of colors and the place is filling up with pichkaaris and gulaal vendors. Since it falls on Monday and since you’ll be expected to go to work, why not organize a Holi party at work?

So, for all of you going to office next Monday, here’s a checklist on how to host a holi party at work!

Holi Minus Color Throwing

Let’s face. Not all offices can afford to have the place smeared down with gulaal. The cleaning staff will have one hell of a day. So, if you belong to that category, there are some other ways in which you can have fun. Take a look at some:

Color Code

Everyone wears whites. Even if there isn’t any chance of colors being actually thrown around, wear white. For years, white cotton clothes have been a mandatory look for Holi. And it is so for a reason  – they can be washed easily, the colors show up well against the white and cotton is the best fabric for this summer heat. Anyhow, stick to white.

The alternative is to wear the most colorful clothes you can lay your hands on. Such that you won’t need any external colors to light you up. Either way, sit down with your co-workers and vote on the dress code.

Cubicle Decoration

Have everyone decorate their cabin to go with the holi theme. It could be anything. Photos from a previous holi, pots of colors, pichkaari – let everyone use their imagination. It could even be a contest. Winner gets dunked in colors!


Create a rangoli at the entrance or a common area. It doesn’t have to be a traditional design, if someone wants to draw a teddy bear, so be it! The idea is to have fun more than anything else.

Games & refreshments

Typical party games like antakshari or dumb charades will do. At the end of the day, team building and fun is what we are aiming at. Keep a scoreboard and get going!

And once you’re done with all the games, it would be nice to have everyone sit down and eat a meal together. Employees can bring sweets too if they want.

Holi With Colors

Well if your workplace does have the provision to play with colors, you can absolutely go ahead and have a lot of fun! But here are some things that you should keep in mind while using colors-

Use eco-friendly colors this Holi

Everyone may not tolerate normal, chemical laden colors. So it is best to stick to organic colors that tend to irritate the skin less. And, in general, wet colors are considered safer than dry colors because dry colors often cause respiratory discomfort in people.

 Keep gadgets/devices away

Unless you are out in the open, playing holi within the confines of an office requires you to practice caution. Make sure that laptops/mobiles or other electronic devices are safe from harms way and be very cautious not to get wet colors on them.

Have some anti-allergens ready

We cannot predict when allergies would strike, can we? If you are trying out a new brand of colors or if there is someone in your group who is playing holi for the first time, this step just cannot be overlooked.

It’s All About Having Fun

Once a year, it is ok to let your hair down and get messy with colors. After all, it is the season of color. Let’s spread some joy around. From everyone here at Guarented, here’s wishing you a very happy Holi! Cheers!

P.S. – Do share pictures of your office Holi celebration with us!


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