Centre Table Styling Ideas

Centre table styling is a legit skill and thanks to the Internet, there’s no shortage for bespoke ideas. Centre table styling can be applied to coffee tables as well which makes it all the more versatile. Essentially, these tips are ways to make centre table or coffee tables both functional and stylish, sometimes with a theme in mind. Without further ado, let’s get decorating!

#1 Size & Shape Of The Table

Circular ones are the easiest to decorate because the main piece is right at the centre and everything gets arranged around it. For square/rectangular places, you can have more than one focal piece either at the corners or at 2 random points around the middle of the table. The highlight piece always gets placed on the centre and in such a way that that’s where your eyes first fall on when you look at the table. Try not to obstruct your highlight piece with other items and keep colors harmonious. One way to make sure that the highlight piece gets all the attention is to kneel down and look at the table at your eye level. If the highlight piece isn’t the largest or the tallest, you may want to reconsider the other elements in order to not take attention away from the main piece.

#2 Balance Is Key

And by that we mean do not overcrowd. Centre tables are tables at the end of the day and should not be reduced to a mere decorative furniture item. You need to leave some space on the table for utilitarian purposes. Typically with coffee tables the easiest strategy is to style in groups of 3. One decorative item, one stack of books/magazines, one bowl/box or something with a purpose.

#3 Stable Styling

Overcrowding is not just unpleasant to look at, but the slightest bump and things could go tumbling all over the place. One of the latest ways to style a table is to place a large tray around the centre and to keep various items inside the table. This not only makes for a neat style, it also acts as added safety against accidental falls.

The Style Is Only As Good As The Table

A sturdy centre table is what makes for a stylish arrangement and these days, custom designed, personalised centre tables are all the rage! If you have a design in mind, get in touch Guarented and we’ll craft a customized, handmade centre table just for you! You can also browse Guarented’s catalogue for some bespoke, sturdy solid wood centre tables & our dainty glass-topped centre tables. And yes, all our products come with a free warranty!

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