Couch Vs Sofa: What’s the difference?

Look at the picture below. Do you feel like calling it a “couch”?

Couch image

Probably no, right? Now take a look at the next picture.
Image of sofa

NOW THAT’S more like a couch! You already feel like climbing in, curling up and Netflix-ing!

Over the years, we’ve come to associate a “couch” with a comfy version of a sofa, with a more modern design. And we also use the words sofa and couch interchangeably. While it probably is not a massive difference or something that has a considerable consequence, furniture designers know the true difference between a sofa and couch and the consequences of mixing the two up.

What’s A Sofa?

A sofa is, traditionally speaking, a furniture product which is a partially or completely upholstered seat and has a set of arms of either side. Two armrests are a mandatory element in all sofas. The name ‘sofa’ is said to be derived from the Arabic word ‘suffah’ which was basically a bench covered with a pile of blankets. Conventionally, sofas were designed to seat more than one person and were often placed in spaces where guests were entertained or leisurely activities were conducted. Of course, nobody follows this definition anymore because why bother? 🙂

Sofas have several subcategories based on their designs and seating capacities. And with designers getting more and more creative with each passing day, we also have some unusually shaped sofas incorporated with additional features like storage, bookshelves and sometimes even charging points.

What’s A Couch?

Derived from the French word  ‘couche’ which referred to a piece of victorian furniture which was used for small respites. The French word “coucher” also means to ‘lie down’. Structurally, a sofa seats more people than a couch, which is often for 1, 2 or at max 3 people. The primary difference lies in the fact that couches either had just one armrest or none at all and always sported a tapered back. Couches are more compact and used in informal settings, like an accent in a bedroom or a reading space. 

So No, There Is No Stark Distinction

Even though there are distinct differences, we guess it is ok to excuse using the words sofas and couches interchangeably. But if you ever see a piece of furniture made with dense wood, velvet upholstery, massive size, and an overall royal look, that’s a sofa. And if you see a fluffy armrest free, crowded with cushions, inviting piece of furniture, it is most probably a couch. 

The benefit lies in knowing the difference and using it to create the vibe you want for the space you are decorating. If you want a casual, informal feel to your living room, a couch is what you need. You can also mix and match various patterns, sizes, and styles of couches. The end result will still be harmonious. 

Whereas if the goal is to create a very posh, informal and sleek space, best opt for a sofa that seats at least 5 people. This works best for office receptions and libraries and discussion spaces. 

Good News – Guarented Sells Both Couches And Sofas!

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