Custom Combos Now Available On Rent With Guarented

Guarented is one of the leading names in furniture and appliance rentals in Bangalore. Our products are premium in quality and thanks to our customers’ continued support, we have now branched into the sale and manufacturing furniture too! Team Guarented is always coming up with new ideas to help enhance the customer’s satisfaction. When we noticed that our combos for 1, 2 & 3 BHK combos were getting a lot of popularity, we decided to make it even more convenient for our customers and that is how the Custom Combo feature came into being.


What Are Custom Combos

A combo is basically a set of products that are collectively sold as one single order. Guarented already has various readymade combos that are designed as per their function or the room they occupy. Bedroom combos, appliance combo, study combo, living room combos and the aforementioned 1,2 & 3 BHK combos which can be used to furnish your entire home in under a few clicks.

Readymade combos are great because it saves you the trouble of having to browse through a hundred products and having to handpick each. Combos also help you get all the products in a single order, so you won’t have to keep track of and pay for multiple orders each month. However, as you may have guessed, readymade combos don’t give you the choice to change the products included in the combo.

The newly announced custom combo feature solves just that. Through the custom combo feature, customers now get to pick individual items they want to rent from us and order them as a single combo. This gives everyone the flexibility to pick whichever individual products they want and also to make changes to existing combos. 

How Do I Place A Custom Combo Order

It’s very simple. Head to Guarented’s Custom Combo Page and pick the products you want to include in your package. There is no minimum order value for custom combos. So you can pick as many or as few products as you want. Once you have created your combo, checkout as usual.

You’ll get to track, pay for and return all products in your combo as a single order. And like with all other orders, you’ll be eligible for free delivery, free pickup and you’ll also receive a free service warranty for all the products in the warranty. Yet another perk of the custom combo feature is that if the total cart value exceeds INR 2000, a discount of 15% is automatically applied. 

What Products Are Included? And What Are The Benefits of This Feature

All. Everything listed on our platform is eligible to be a part of a custom combo that you design. The custom combo feature was designed to enhance flexibility and convenience for the customer. 

Instead of having to browse through various pages checking and selecting individual products, you can now pick products together and thereby save time. And like we mentioned before, a discount coupon automatically applies if the value exceeds a certain value.

You can also use the custom tenure feature to set the duration to anything between 1 month to three years. We’ve made the tenure flexible too! 

Get Started Right Away

Head to Guarented’s custom combo page and start putting together your very own combo! Make sure that you are following us on social media to stay updated on our latest discounts and offers! Once the order is placed, sit back & relax. Our support executives will contact you shortly to arrange delivery as per your convenience! 


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