Custom Furniture Online in Hyderabad

That furniture is hard to do without, is something everyone agrees with. But today, furniture is no longer just a useful prop, furniture is art. From small design houses to big ones, competition o=is rife to bring out more and more innovative designs. For those with a finer taste and a specific set of requirements, regular furniture never makes the cut.

As a company that works in selling, renting and manufacturing furniture, we know quite a lot about how Indians shop for furniture and we’re understanding of their unique requirements. Homes today are smaller, leaving standard furniture sizes hard to fit correctly and then there’s the fact that multipurpose furniture is all the rage. With such new demands rising among Indian customers, a whole new trend was brought back to life – customized furniture.

We’ve been providing custom furniture in Bangalore for quite some time now and we’re very popular here for that. With our recent launch in Hyderabad, our unique services and products are now made available in Hyderabad too! So if you’re in Hyderabad and are on the lookout for custom furniture, this article is your best guide!

Reviving The Traditional Way Furniture Was Crafted

Back in the day and by that we mean, several decades back, if someone wanted new furniture this what they did – 

  • Approach local carpenter
  • Have them come over to take measurements of the space the furniture had to be placed
  • Supply design ideas and suggestions on what material to use
  • Wait for weeks while the furniture was crafted

This definitely worked in a different era but today with cities getting commercialised, such local carpentry workshops are on the decline. And nobody has time for visiting carpenters and communicating their ideas or waiting for the furniture to get manufactured.

This is where companies like Guarented step in. We’re a company with a stellar team that is made up of both tech and non-tech people. We’ve got a bunch of techies behind the website and it’s operations and we have some really amazing carpenters, craftsmen and technicians to manufacture beautiful furniture. 

Can’t Get More Convenient Than Ordering Custom Furniture Online!

Indians are already huge fans of online shopping, even furniture. We’ve already gotten used the convenience that it provides us with. A few clicks and some days later, your order shows up at your doorstep.

Guarented brought the convenience of online shopping in custom furniture. Which means you get all the benefits of custom made furniture without ever leaving your home! Here are the two ways in which you can place an order for custom furniture products with us.

  1. Go through our catalog and select a design of your choice.
  2. Drop us an email and tell us that you’d like alterations or modifications made to them.
  3. Wait for confirmation
  4. Receive order.

This method only deals with alterations to existing designs on our catalog. The next one lets you supply your own or fresh designs that aren’t part of our catalog. 

  • Log on to our website Shop.guarented
  • Navigate to the link for placing custom furniture orders
  • Submit your details and contact number
  • Receive a call from us and let us know what you have in mind. You can also email us your designs or reference images and the dimensions you want your product made in.
  • Request a warehouse visit if you’d like to watch your furniture being crafted
  • Receive order at your doorstep

Get Started, Hyderabad!

We’ve only been there a short while but the response has been phenomenal! Rush to Guarented’s Hyderabad chapter and get started right away! We have a lot of seasonal offers and discounts, which you can get early access to by subscribing to our social media channels. And don’t forget that all our products come with free service warranty and a buyback guarantee which would ensure additional budget protection. So, start shopping, guys!

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