Debunking Myths About Rented And Second Hand Merchandise

There’s something about shiny, new stuff that gets you all happy and excited. But not everyone can afford to purchase new merchandise, especially when it comes to expensive products like household appliances and furniture. So the alternative for such people would be to buy second hand goods or to rent them from companies like Guarented.

Unfortunately for us, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about rented and second hand goods. And it is seriously affecting the reused goods market. So, team Guarented has taken some effort to debunk common myths about renting and buying second hand goods.

Here, we go.

1. Renting Does Not Make Financial Sense

We have no clue who came up with this, but anyone can debunk this with a little logical thinking. Let’s assume that a person has 30K. He wants to do up his house with appliances and furniture to make it functional. Now, if he plans to buy them, 30k could be used to buy a max of two appliances or two pieces of furniture.

On the other hand, if he chooses to rent them instead, here’s what would happen. In under 2k, the basic goods needed for a home can be rented from Guarented. Which means the remaining 28k can be put into some short term investment policy. The interest from that investment could pay for the rent of appliances and furniture for the rest of the year!

Now tell us how spending all your money on buying two new appliances make sense?


2. There’s No Manufacturer’s Warranty Or Guarantee About The Quality

This is sometimes true, especially if you purchase or rent from random individuals who sell used goods to get rid of them. However, renting or buy from reputed companies like Guarented, you are guaranteed to receive good products.

We subject all our items to stringent QC testing. We also sanitize them completely with special treatment process ensuring that they are completely hygienic and free of pathogens. And that’s not all, if you purchase anything from us, they will come with 6 months free warranty.

Companies like ours take quality very seriously. We make it point to test all our products for full functionality before advertising them on our platform.


3. No Support

Again, this is true if you buy or rent from random people you meet on the Internet. With us, a dedicated team of professionals will be at your disposal to receive complaints and maintenance requests.

We also provide free delivery and pickup and free relocation services. If you shift to a new house anywhere in Bangalore, goods you have rented from us will be picked up and dropped to your new location free of charge!

Unlike buying or renting from local people/companies who have no presence on the Internet, buying with us also gives you a platform your complaints to the public. We take after sales service very seriously and we make it a point to follow up with each customer to see if they are happy with our services.


4.  Second Hand Goods Are Defective

Yes, they could be. Which is why most individuals use groups on the Internet or SM to sell them off at whatever price they get. However, goods sold by us are not always heavily used products. We tie up with ecommerce vendors to procure unboxed and returned goods. These are goods that were barely used. Either the customer opened the packaging and decided that it was not what he had in mind or he used it for a few days before deciding that he no longer needed it.

Such goods are in top condition and will still qualify as new. When we sell them, we subject them to QC tests and thorough cleaning treatments. We won’t sell them unless they are perfectly functional and polished. Which is why we confidently provide a 6 month warranty on all our goods.


5. Second Hand Goods Have No Resale Value

When purchased from random individuals, this is not a myth. It is actually true. It will be very difficult to sell a product after a third owner. However, Guarented has a solution for this too! When you purchase a second hand product from us, we provide a Buy Back guarantee for a certain period of time.

Which means that if you want to sell the product off within time specified in the Buy Back policy, we will guarantee that we take it back for a fixed percentage of the sales price.


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