Designing Offices Right: Guarented Interior Decorators

If you are in need of an interior designer for your office and if you are wondering what to consider & how to get started, this is an article that could immensely help you. Interior designing is by no means an easy task. Decorating and adding personal touches could be managed without professional help, but to design an actual office space where people get productive and get stuff done, a professional touch is vital.

No matter how big or small your office is, some things just don’t change. So before you even begin approaching design firms, here are some things you need to consider.

Design Considerations 

There are 4 basic design considerations that need to be taken into account while designing any space designed to have work performed in it. Irrespective of the nature of work, a professional environment is very different from that of a home atmosphere. Keeping that in mind, here are 4 design considerations that experts highlight.

Private Vs Open Workstations/Workspaces

Closed cabins? Open tables? Cubicles? What would you like? The costs, the function & even the appearance of the entire office will be affected by this single choice. Of course, some sections, like meeting rooms & entertainment area will obviously be kept covered and away from the actual working area for confidentiality & convenience. However, the actual stations where people sit down to get their work done needs to be given due thought.

Cubicles have been a hot favourite among professionals across the globe. That is probably because the noise, clutter from another person’s workspace, conversations with colleagues etc can be a distractive force for professionals. And with increased distractions, productivity is seriously dialled down. 

However, if you cannot afford each person getting their own cubicle, think about getting a slightly larger space which would contain independent teams. That way, they can freely interact and collaborate whenever necessary, but it would also avoid too many distractions at the same time. 

Ergonomics: The Unsung Hero

Desk jobs are harder than they seem. Not only is your brain firing away its neurons to focus and get fine work done, but the eyes, the wrists, the spine and even your limbs also take a hit from being seated for several hours at a stretch staring at a screen. Carpal tunnel, blurry vision, neck cramps, numbness in your feet, headaches & reduced focus are all common side-effects of improper seating arrangements.

Ergonomics is basically a blanket term for refining products to increase their efficiency for human consumption. And everything in the office has to be ergonomically designed. From desks to chairs to monitor angle – everything falls into this category. Without the right ergonomic design, not only will productivity be hampered, but the employees could also end up with long term illness which won’t be pleasant. 

The very minimum a workstation should have is a sturdy desk, a chair that is adjustable, a provision to keep the wires and accessories well stored.

Let There Be Light!

Good lighting, adequate ventilation, cooling/heating ( even though HVAC isn’t really an interior designer’s job) are all mandatory to keep the professionals comfortable enough to perform their duties. If you don’t like an open arrangement that also makes provisions for natural light to come in, make sure there’s good overhead lighting so that the entire space doesn’t seem dimly lit & boring.

Colour Scheme

Yes, white will always be acceptable. But it gets soiled & boring very fast. Using contrasting shades or artwork to add that pop of colour is a highly recommended move. Most offices opt for neutral colours for obvious reasons. However, only you can know what’s best for your team based on the design and layout of your office, a professional interior designer should be able to direct you towards the right colours. 

Not An Easy Task To Get The Design Right

Many have tried, many have failed. Which is why we best leave this job to the professionals. Interior designers who specialise in office spaces are your best bet for getting durable, functional & beautiful results. If you’re not sure whom to approach, we’d like to humbly recommend our name.

Guarented has been in the furniture business ( designing, manufacturing, selling & renting) for quite some time now. So design homes and offices were the next natural course we took as a company. Given that we specialise in custom furniture manufacturing, we had the power to tailor-make furniture suited for homes & offices keeping their functions in mind. Our work comes with a 5-year warranty & a guaranteed 60-day completion Guarantee.

Please get in touch with us to see samples of our work & to get a quote. Office interiors are quite a challenge to design and you would want nothing but the very best!

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