Destinations Near Bangalore To Escape From The Summer Heat

The summer is here and Bangalore is getting royally fried. (Didn’t you notice all the Facebook posts complaining about the weather?). The mercury has been steadily rising and so are our fatigue levels. If you are tired of the weather and are desperately wishing for a getaway to chill, here are some destinations in and around Bangalore that will give you a much needed break from this summer heat.

1. Kabbinakad, Coorg

Everyone has heard of Coorg. It is one of the most popular holiday spots near Bangalore. However, not all of Coorg offers pleasant climates. Kabbinakad is a place tucked away quietly within Coorg and it offers dense forestation, delicious local cuisines and local fruit wines. Kabbinakad is also famous for its coffee plantations. The place is around 250 kms away from Bangalore. Ideal for a weekend getaway.

2. Dandeli, Karnataka

Adventure sport? White water rafting, kayaking and other adventure sport activities are popular here. All thanks to the hydroelectric water project, the river Kali is ever gushing. And that is not all, you can drop a visit to the local tribal population who are nothing but welcoming and nice! You can also take a jeep safari in the local Wildlife Sanctuary. You will find plenty of homestays and comfortable accommodation options in the region. It may not be “cool” climatically, but it most certainly cool activity wise. Dandeli is around 500 Kms from Bangalore so you might need an entire weekend to enjoy the place in all its glory.

3. Kabini National Park

Going into the midst of wild animals may not seem like an ideal way to cool off in the summer, but many holidayers have sworn that a visit to the Kabini National Park is worth your time. Unlike most national parks where animal sightings are rare and often only in the early mornings, Kabini National Park is famous because it isn’t very rare to see animals. There’s a good chance that you’ll even see a royal Bengal Tiger. Big herds of elephants, wild dogs, rare birds are all common sightings in here. So if you are an animal lover, this should definitely be on your list of places to visit this summer. This place too is roughly 200 Kms away from Bangalore.

4. Bannerghatta National Park

For those of you too busy to go as far as Kabini, there’s one right inside the city! And if it the idea of an open jeep that scares you, this is definitely the place for you. Safaris at Bannerghatta are inside a completely enclosed vehicle. Even if a bear or tiger decided to throw punches at your vehicle, you’ll be fine. At present, there are over 40 tigers and over 30 lions, so your chances of seeing one up close are very good. And if do not want to see feral cats, there’s a butterfly park right by the side where you can simply be in awe of the beautiful creatures. This is within the city limits, your visit will be done in less than a day.

5. Kudremukh, Karnataka

Well, Kudremukh was famous (or infamous) once because it was a popular hangout place for Naxalites. Well, ever since the Naxalites stopped their activity, Kudremukh instantly had visitors who flocked in to enjoy its scenic visual treats. Travellers worth their salt swear that Kudremukh is unarguably one of the greenest places in Karnataka. There’s the Sludge dam, Gundi falls and a botanical garden between the rolling hills. Kudremukh is also a very hot family tour destination. Situated 330 Kms away from Bangalore, Kudremukh is best enjoyed over a weekend.

Where Are You Headed?

So which one have you zeroed in on? If you have other destinations in mind, do share it with us in the comment section and tell us how your summer is progressing! If you want any camping or trekking gear, don’t forget that Guarented rents out awesome camping gear at very affordable prices!

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