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Direct to consumer (DTC) products are those that cut out all the middle-men and a host of other parties. In doing so, DTC manufacturers avoid intermediaries to give customers a chance to buy products at affordable prices. In the furniture industry, such intermediaries can cause a significant rise in the final price of the furniture product. This is why DTC furniture brands are becoming increasingly popular. What’s more? Since DTC manufacturers interact directly with their customers, you get to put in requests for customizations and personalisations at a much more affordable price.
Sofa with Lounger

Guarented Paves The Way

Since our early days, Guarented has always aimed to work closely with our customers. What started out as a furniture rental business, quickly progressed into a customer centric, furniture manufacturing startup, where customers can get handmade, unique furniture that is tailored to suit their needs.

Since we have no other links in how we operate and no intermediate vendors, you get to buy custom furniture at affordable prices. In fact, there is no complex process to follow to get custom made furniture. All you need to do is drop us an email and we’ll connect with you to take things forward.

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3 Seater Sofa

Benefits Of Shopping From DTC Furniture Brands

If the above points convince you enough, here are some more reasons why you should shop with brands like Guarented.

Premium quality materials: We do everything from start to finish. The products you see on our website are handcrafted at our facility by some of the best artisans, carpenters, designers and more. 

Bye-Bye Hidden Charges: Guarented sells our own wares through a website we ourselves operate. Should you have questions regarding our products or services, you can interact with our support team via email/call and have your questions answered.

Best Prices: We stock products in a range of budgets. From affordable, sleek designs to premium, manficient pieces, we have something for every home, every pocket and every personality. And since we cut out all the middlemen, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best prices in town.

Excellent Post Sales Assistance: All our products come with a service warranty and will help protect your budget in the unlikely event that you may face a hiccup. The warranty is completely free of charge and

Buyback Guarantee: This is a Guarented exclusive feature that allows customers to sell products back to us, if they were purchased from us within the last 12 months. This saves customers from the hassles of having to sell/dispose of furniture if they need to shift cities, or merely upgrade to another product.

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