DIY/Affordable Home Office Projects

It’s been quite some time since we’ve been living in a lockdown and it looks like we’ll be staying that for a little longer. Until the Covid vaccines are made available to civilians, we need to ensure that we stay indoors to break the chain. However, despite the lockdown, offices, schools, and other organizations have found a way to get people and students to perform their daily duties effectively. The result? Homes are no longer just homes, they are our offices, classrooms, and workplaces. If you are someone who has been working from home, you’d be finally appreciating the idea of an upgraded home office. And thus, we present to you 3 DIY home office projects that are budget-friendly yet impactful!

1. The Right Furniture

No amount of aesthetics will help save a home office that does not have the right furniture. A desk and an ergonomic chair are the bare minimum. They are not just functional, they are vital to your posture and good health. But yes, we cannot call this a DIY thing, this is more of an affordable but also a very vital step. However, since office furniture can get heavy on your pockets, we’d like to help you out by providing you premium office furniture for rent. Guarented’s amazing collection of desks and ergonomic chairs will ensure that you are at your productive best even while working from home!

2. The Right Storage

If you are a student or someone who makes it a point to learn new things, you probably have a lot of materials and stationary. These objects can easily clutter your desk and leave you with a sense of chaos the moment you sit down to get working. This is why you should explore affordable storage racks and shelves. With technology touching every part of our lives, we tend to have a bunch of cables and wires twisting around our workstations. That too can easily be tacked with desk stationery and cable organizers. Such products are affordable and a great solution to keeping our desks clean. 

3. Personalise

All work and no play is a strict no-no. Our eyes and brains need a break from focusing on work and that’s why it is important to add elements of fun and frolic at your work-station. Hang up some pictures, if you have a hobby that you enjoy, place aspects of that around your desk and maybe even look into some quirky and fun stuff, posters, and the likes to wherever you sit down and spend hours together. 

Home Office Furniture From Guarented

Guarented has an amazing collection of office furniture that’s available for buying and renting. In fact, if you are looking for office furniture in bulk, we will be more than happy to provide it to you at affordable prices. We can even custom-make furniture to meet your specific work requirements! Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there! 

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