Entrepreneurs Rejoice! Guarented Now Provides Affordable Office Furniture

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you someone with an idea that could stir a storm? Well, what’s stopping you from setting up shop? If setting up your office is all that’s stopping you, you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief! Because Guarented will solve that for you!

Setting Up An Office Is A Herculean Task

Anyone who was at the helm of a startup would agree that setting up an office space is one of the most difficult tasks. You need first find a place that fits your budget and then procure all the cabin accessories, furniture and other elements needed for the office to function smoothly.

Now, as if picking the right furniture was not time-consuming enough, it is also going to cost you a load of money! And everyone knows that startups, especially self-funded ones do not always have that kind of cash. But furniture is something you cannot do without.

This is when most folks turn to the budget-friendly furniture sources – second-hand shops. But unfortunately, such shops sell furniture that could be heavily used. Translation? There’s no guarantee that such pieces will functional well let alone last.

In other words, if you invest in cheap, used furniture from an unreputable vendor, you might end up having to replace them very soon and losing more money in the process. This is where Guarented comes to the rescue.

Guarented Manufactures Beautiful Furniture For You

As you may be already aware, Guarented started out as a furniture rental startup back in 2015. Business thankfully caught up well and pretty soon we branched into selling refurbished and restored unboxed furniture. What made us different from regularly used furniture vendors was that

  1. Local vendors sold products used and discarded by homeowners. Such products are heavily used and would have suffered considerable wear and tear rendering them barely usable. Vendors would then merely correct the surface imperfections and make the products presentable.
  2. Guarented procures its products from e-commerce players. Specifically, we get unboxed furniture that customers returned to e-commerce players. These are products that are barely used and were returned due to color or order mismatches or general failure to meet their requirement. These products are in prime condition and can be barely called used.

Guarented then auctions such returned items and subject them to extensive refurbishing and polishing to ensure that they are fully functional, visually polished and in quality that can rival brand new products. We then proceed to sell or rent them out through our platform.

We recently branched into manufacturing our own furniture products because that’s what gave us the best chance to control quality and price best. We are now able to provide new furniture to our customers at unbelievably affordable prices! We have our own team of carpenters, technicians, artisans and other henchmen who work around the clock to create beautiful customized furniture for our customers.

We Can Cater To All Your furniture Requirements

If you are setting up your office and are looking for affordable, good quality, customized or regular furniture like desks, office chairs and the likes – we will be more than happy to take bulk orders. Here are some of the perks you get when you do business with us –

  • Free delivery and a 3-day no questions asked return policy
  • Free service warranty for an entire year. Should you ever need minor repairs or a maintenance check, it’s on us.
  • Excellent customer support. We have a trained team of professionals who man our support lines to guide you out of every problem.
  • Guarantee on quality. We have come this far only because the customers placed their trust in our hands. And that was earned through hard work and good work ethic.

If you have already found a place for your office, all you need to do next is give us a call! We’ll cover all your furniture requirements and give you the best service you’ve received. So get started with Guarented right away!

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