Why Guarented.com is the best furniture rental shop?

Why Guarented.com is the best furniture rental shop?

Just moved in to a new location for a temporary period? Need furniture? Why to buy them. Get furniture on rent. Guarented.com is an online setup to get furniture on rent. They are conducting business currently all over Banglore only. They provide you not just furnitures like sofas, bed, recliners etc.but also various other electronic appliances like washing machine, television and more,camping equipments, gaming accessories and also home automation equipment on rent.

Affordable prices

Other than affordable rental rates, they provide free of cost delivery charges. After placing the order all you need to do is relax as guarented.com will take care of everything.They also provide express shipping and you will get your item within 72 hours of placing the order.Also you can let them know about delivery slot preferences.

Trustworthy team

Most importantly, at the time of delivery of goods, you must have to be ready with photocopies of address proof and identity proof like, adhaar card, PAN card, etc. If you are unable to do so, you can send the scanned copies of these documents at support@guarented.com.

Free of cost installation

Interestingly, they even free of cost installation.Their delivery executive are expert in the art of installation, so you need to worry. And if you yourself tried to install the item, and during this the product gets damaged then you will be liable to pay.So, don’t take the risk.

Convenient rental tenure

The duration of the product depends on the product itself. For furniture and appliances the minimum duration is one month and for gaming and camping gears, the minimum duration is one day. Even when you do not terminate the lease post tenure, you simply get a extended longer tenure.

Easy damage repair services

If accidentally you damage the rental furniture, you either get it fixed by them or offer you a replacement. They excuse the damage upto INR 1500/ and beyond that you will have to pay for it. They even provide relocation services as long as you are shifting within the city of Banglore.

To sum it up, guarented.com is a one stop destination for furniture and appliances on rent in Banglore. The site also has a live chat feature for the convenience of their customer. Now go and shop Now!





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