Gear Up For Diwali By Giving Your Home A Makeover!

Alright, Diwali 2018 is finally here! If you are done with the cleaning, next action item on your list should be getting your home all decked up in fancy, decorative items. Now, the Internet is going to be filled with creative, over the top ideas for Diwali decorations. Most of them often involve expensive string lights, lanterns and the likes and it may not be everyone’s choice for Diwali decorations. These days, busy adults prefer easy to do, budget-friendly decoration tips that actually do a lot with little. If you are someone who is a fan of the understated style, here are some tips you can use.

#1 Cleanliness Is Godliness

Our elders didn’t just throw this statement around out of habit. Back then this was a phrase to live by. Unclean surroundings breed all kinds of pathogens and naturally, severe, or even fatal diseases would follow. Hence, cleanliness was considered holy for a solid reason.

If you have no time to decorate, just clean. Dust every damn corner of the house. Clean all the cupboards, appliances and everything visible to the eye. Also, use this opportunity to get rid of all the junk you are not using. Declutter like your life depended on it. A clean house in itself is very pleasing to the eye.

#2 Get A Ton Of Diyas

At the heart of Diwali, is the joy of a million lights shining together, symbolic of dispelling the darkness in our lives. Little clay lamps are totally flooding our markets around Diwali time. You can even get them from streetside vendors. Get some lamp oil and wicks, and you’re all set to fill your home with light!

If you want a slightly mess free arrangement, go for T-lights, or scented T-lights for a more fragrant ambience. Keep an extinguisher on standby because you never know what could go wrong when there are a hundred lit lamps around you.

#3 String Lights!

For those in favour or fumeless, flameless diyas, string lights are a godsend. You now have battery powered LED lights that save you the hassle of having to use extension boards if plug points are not available close to the spot you want to hang your lights.

String lights lend a very dreamy feel to every space and they are the ultimate shortcut for those too lazy or busy to do full-fledged Diwali decoration.

#4 Upgrade Your Furniture

Diwali is a time for bringing home new things – clothes, appliances, furniture and what not. With all kinds of sales happening across stores all over India, it’s best that you make use of the opportunity. Prices have been slashed quite a lot and this truly is the time to upgrade your furniture if it was in the plans for your near future.

Guarented is having a massive sale across all it’s product categories this Diwali. Do take a look at our catalogue, we’re sure that you’ll find the right product for your home. We also have furniture customization feature using which you can get your own designs crafted.

#5 Let The Fragrance Spread

No home makeover is complete without the right fragrance. Imagine how your guests will feel if everything looks nice but smells stale? Spruce up the ambience with some homemade potpourri or aerosol sprays. If you are planning to prepare sweets at home, let that fragrance spread everyone. Nothing smells better than a lovely dish in the making.

And finally, invite some people over to share your newly decorated home! Remember, festivals are a time to share love and bond with those we care about. So keep your work and other commitments aside, and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Guarented wishes everyone a very prosperous and happy Diwali. And don’t forget to share pics of your Diwali decorations with us. 🙂 Cheers!

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