Gearing Up For The Covid-Winter

 I think we can all agree that December is one of the most festive months of the year. Not just locally, but across the globe. Communities and cultures gear up to celebrate the holidays with gusto and this is a time that people travel across countries to be with loved ones. 2020, however, has not been a year for the norms. Many hurdles were thrown at us, some we overcame, some we succumbed to. With the COVID-19 pandemic still being quite rampant, healthcare organizations are advising people to practice social distancing and hygiene protocols even during the festival season. So if you’re staying in and wondering how to welcome winter without doing risking an infection, here are some tips!

#1 Wash Your Hands & Stay Warm

Yes, winter is officially dry skin season. But not washing your hands may put you in a hospital bed. And we don’t want to spend the holidays attached to an IV line. Wash your hands frequently and get your family to do it as well. Some studies suggest that staying warm has helped combat the infection better. Avoid cold foods. Drink plenty of warm fluids and keep your nasal passage and throat warm. 

Going out may get unavoidable because grocery shopping, daily activities are getting harder to avoid. More people will be up and about and that only increases the chances of a community spread. So yes, hygiene first. 

#2 Clean Your House Thoroughly

If not a deep cleaning routine, at least get the dust and grime off of visible surfaces. Change bed sheets and cushion covers and clean any surface that is frequently in contact with humans. This might be exhausting but it will pay off. 

If you’re someone who is currently renting from us, get in touch with us if you are facing any issues at all with your rented furniture/appliances. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

#3 Revamp & Redecorate

Just because there’s a pandemic, there’s no need to cut yourself out totally from the festivities. Businesses such as ours have the permits to operate as we strictly adhere to each and every protocol recommended by healthcare professionals. If you think your furniture is too old and cannot be cleaned, best replace it with new and sanitized products. You can check out Guarented’s amazing collection of furniture & appliances and give your home a makeover for the holidays. 

#4 Avoid Outside Contact As Much As Possible

This sounds cold-hearted, we know. But it’s for the best. If you live with parents who are over 60 or kids under 10, this is a golden rule that just cannot be broken. Don’t forget face masks, face shields, and maybe even gloves if necessary if stepping out is unavoidable. Keep the kids and elders inside at all times and thoroughly clean yourselves as soon as you get home.

#5 Keep Yourself Productively Occupied

This year, we finally learned to appreciate fine arts in a way we never did before. We turned to movies, music, painting, and many other such creative hobbies to keep ourselves healthy mentally. Continue doing that. You can even plan a home revamp with some of Guarented’s appliance and furniture products. We promise to deliver you premium quality products that are sanitized and safe!

Christmas Season Is Officially On

The world welcomed the first day of advent less than 48 hrs ago. The merriness, albeit a socially distanced on, is starting to set in. It will be a little different this year, but nonetheless merrier! In a month, 2020 will end. Some of us may feel like we did not do much this year. And that’s nothing to be sad about. All of humanity took a bad hit. This is not a year to count achievements. This is a year to be grateful for what we didn’t lose. Team Guarented wishes all of you a very happy and safe winter.

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