Get Designing: Guarented Now Makes Customized Furniture!

There is always a sense of pride in owning something unique. Especially when it comes to our homes, we always prefer furniture and decor items that reflect our persona and our needs. Imagine how great it would be if all the furniture in our home were designed and customized to suit our needs? You’ll get to pick designs, colors and textures that specifically cater to your requirements and decor theme. And that’s not all, you’ll have the privilege to own something that nobody else has! And thus, recognizing the Indian customer’s love for unique goods, Guarented has proudly ventured into manufacturing customized furniture!

We’ve Assembled The Finest Team For You

Custom made furniture is a big industry in itself, one that could rival the mass produced furniture space. Seeing the potential and commercial success in this space, big names like Twinkle Khanna, Suzanne Khan and Gauri Khan have ventured into interior decoration and manufacturing of customized furniture. And their design houses have produced some super fine products as well. Of course, an average person may not be able to afford their merchandise, but that doesn’t mean they should miss the opportunity to have something specially made for them.

We’ve been playing around with the idea of venturing into furniture designing for quite some time because we realized that some of our customers were pretty specific about their requirements. Generic products often do not meet such demands. And since we wanted nothing but the best for our customers, we decided to take the leap and venture into furniture manufacturing.

We started out apprehensive enough, but after some searching around, we managed to put together what we believe to be the superheroes of furniture making. We have experienced and skilled carpenters, painters, and even an artisan from Rajasthan who excels in intricate details.

Once we had the team ready, we wanted to try them out before we opened the doors to our customers. So some of our employees tried submitting some designs and what came out pretty much knocked our socks off! We were super excited about the creations because they were nothing but the best! Ultimately, after we tried and tested all the products they manufactured, we were confident that we could finally launch this as a feature!

Guarented Is Now Taking Orders For Customized Furniture Designs!

If you are someone who is interested in trying out this feature, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Currently, this feature is available on beds and sofas predominantly. However, we will soon be launching customized wardrobes as well. All beds and sofas displayed on site can be altered to fit your needs. If you need a product made from scratch, we’ll try to arrange that as well, but it might take a little longer.


We will soon be launching a feature that lets you set colors, upholstery type and other parameters through the website itself. This will not only increase convenience, it will also help speed up the process further.

For now, here’s how you can get some super cool customized furniture from Guarented.

Step 1: Approach us

Get in touch with us through mail or phone, or you can even drop by at our warehouse where the actual magic happens. Explain, in as much detail as possible about what you require. The feature to place an online order for customized furniture is still underway. For the time being, you’ll need to reach out to us through above mentioned means.

Step 2: Inputs

Give us precise details. Here are examples of inputs you can provide us –

  • Color
  • Texture/Finish
  • Choice of upholstery
  • Height adjustments
  • Storage addition to beds
  • Designs/ detailing on furniture

Eg. if you like a bed on our site but want it in a different finish, color or even height, we can arrange that. Show us a picture of what the product should look like and what other features you’d like to add like maybe a storage space under the bed.

Step 3: Wait for us to work the magic

Once you have communicated your requirements with us, you’ll need to go ahead and place the order with us. It may take at least a week to produce the custom piece. You can always reach out to us for updates or place requests to speed up the process. However, a week is the minimum time it will take.

Step 4: Accept delivery

Like with every other product rented or sold on Guarented, customized products too are eligible for free delivery. We will have the product dropped to your doorstep!

The Custom Furniture Feature Is Already A Huge Hit!

We’re happy to let you know that ever since we announced this feature, orders have been pouring in and we’ve managed to successfully deliver all of them! This has given us the confidence and encouragement to further improve and enhance this feature. And as we mentioned before, we will be branching into other furniture categories soon and we will also be adding the feature to place orders for custom furniture on our website.

Apart from the flexibility this feature provides, we believe that our perks are what really made this feature popular. Like every product given out through our platform, our custom made goods too come with the following benefits –

  • Free delivery. It was and will always be delivered to your doorstep at no additional cost.
  • Service Warranty. All our products come with free service warranty for 6 months post purchase. Any minor repairs and maintenance routines will be paid for by us as long as you had no role in the damages.
  • Buyback Guarantee. Introduced to provide financial protection to our customers, buyback guarantee assures you that sold products will be taken back by Guarented for a prefixed amount should you want to discontinue its use within a year. This will not only protect your budget, it will also save you the hassles of having to advertise and sell the product later.
  • Customer support. From the moment you place an order with us to the last date of your service warranty, our customer support executives will be at your disposal to help you through any hassles you may face.

Get Your Custom-Made Furniture Today!

Visit Guarented’s online platform to browse through some awesome products. If you liked something and want an altered version of it, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve come a long way from where we started. This feature is a milestone of sorts to us. We will always be working hard to improve ourselves and we will do our best to make sure that you will never be disappointed. We are enormously grateful to our customers for availing our services. He hope that you will extend the same support to all our future endeavors as well so that we can continue serving you.

Cheers and thank you!

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