Get Your Game Mode On

And we’re back with yet another gaming related article for our readers. Hope you guys are doing well and we trust that you had a fun-filled and joyous Ugadi. So, now that the weekend is approaching and you might be in the process of making plans for it, here’s something you should read about video games and the pros and cons it has.

Why Gaming Is Good For You

But before we begin, allow us to shed some light on scientifically established benefits of gaming. What we need to understand is that it is the excess of gaming that poses a risk to the well-being of an individual. In moderation, gaming is healthy.
1. Gaming helps improve coordination. Sometimes, doctors recommend dyslexic folks to play some games because it enhances their coordination skills.

2. Laparoscopic surgeons who played games were a little better than their non-game playing counterparts because they had better control over their finger movements.

3. Gaming helps you get better at multitasking

4. They bust stress big-time. And that is not all, in some cases gaming helps inhibit pain and other physical discomforts. And help you become faster at making a decision.

Is There A Healthy Way To Play Games?

Of course, there is! Like we said, when practised in moderation, gaming does have benefits.

First and foremost, the best way to make sure that you don’t form an addiction is to not buy gaming gear. RENT IT EACH TIME YOU WANT TO PLAY. Could be once a week or a few times a month. Having the equipment at home increases your chances of playing it frequently and that could go down the wrong path. So if you are enthusiastic about the idea of playing games, lay down the following rules for yourself.

1. Set a timetable of sorts. So many hours per week and come what may, stick to it.

2. Have someone play with you. Playing alone increases chances of losing track of time, leading to spending more hours at it than you intended.

3. Have someone watch you. Ideally a non gaming-enthusiast. Ask them to kick your butt if it comes down to it, to stop you from playing excessively.
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When Does Gaming Become Dangerous?

Like with everything, too much can be harmful. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, there are some warning signs that you should look out for so that possibility of an addiction can be avoided. Remember, gaming addiction unlike substance or alcohol addiction cannot be fixed with medicines. You will need to practise self control more than anything else.

So here are some signs to watch out for-

1. Losing track of time while playing. It might seem just an hour or so, but you probably played for much, much more.

2. Numbness or tingling sensation in one or both wrists. This could be an early sign of carpal tunnel, a condition for which the only permanent solution is surgery.

3. A feeling or compulsion to play games all the time. And a tendency to be upset at people who prevent you from gaming.

4. Skipping meals, bathroom breaks, sleep and important tasks to game on.

5. Drop in grades or performance and overall drop in your productivity.
As long as you practice caution and game only for a few hours a week, you’ll be just fine. So this coming weekend, get some gaming gear from us, flex your thumbs and get your game mode on!

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