Great Ideas For A Functional And Neat Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad
Bachelor Pad

We’re sure that you’ve heard the words “bachelor pad” at least in passing, but for the uninitiated, it is a home, typically a not very large one in which bachelors or spinsters live. There’s no exact structural or functional definition, but the general agreement is that it is a home with all the basic functions but no grandeur like that in a family home.

If you’re a single/ bunch of singles and are looking for budget-friendly ways to furnish and decorate your bachelor pad, we’ve got some great tips for you. But before we begin, let’s ask ourselves a few basic questions.

1) How much time will you be spending in your bachelor pad? Just a few hours outside of work? All day? Do you plan to work from home?
2) Will you be cooking at home?
3) How much stuff do you own? Is just a suitcase full? Or enough to fill 10 wardrobes?
4) How often do you have guests coming over?
5) What’s your budget?
6) What kind of vibe do you want from your bachelor pad?


Getting The Right House

Property hunting is a big topic and will require an entire article for itself. And since that isn’t the topic we’re discussing here, we’re going to go ahead and assume that you already have a few properties in mind to rent. Or that you’ve already moved into a house that fits your budget. 

With that hurdle down, the next few things would require some amount of planning and discuss with your flatmates ( if you have any). Before you go ahead and do whatever needs to be done, make sure that you check with your landlord to know what is permitted and what isn’t. Some folks love creating artwork on the walls and driving in nails into the walls, but not all landlords are ok with that.

Making The House Functional

Laundry, food, storage & resting. These four cannot be skipped. This also means that you’ll need to invest in furniture and appliances. As per home experts, here are the list of things you just cannot avoid getting –

  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Beds
  • Microwave
  • Induction cooktop ( unless you already have a gas connection which is typical quite a bother to get)
  • Wardrobes ( if built in wardrobes are not available)


Appliances Image

For obvious reasons that we don’t really need to elaborate on, surviving without the above-listed items would be hard. However, we understand that getting them all in one go should be expensive. So your options are to buy them by splitting the expenses with your flatmates or renting them, which would be way more cheaper and affordable all by yourself.

You can check furniture and appliances available on rent with Guarented. We provide excellent customer support and service warranty for the entire duration of your rental period, making it not just affordable but also highly convenient. 

Tips To Remember

More than anything else, a bachelor pad is your space to be comfortable, productive and yourself. So print the following tips, if you want.

Bachelor Pad Tips


  • Set up a technique to keep your stuff organized. Follow Marie Kondo on Instagram/ Youtube for tips. KonMarie method of cleaning, folding and in general staying neat is world famous. If you have a lot of stuff, this helps. And remember to declutter before you even settle in. 
  • A good work station helps if you plan to work from home. If you’re in Bangalore, this will be more than necessary because spending 5 hours in traffic to and from work is such a huge waste of time. The occasional WFH is unavoidable. 
  • Basic cooking can’t be avoided. At least a hot cup of tea or coffee. Microwave ovens are cheap and convenient when compared to the hassles of getting an LPG connection. Get a convection microwave, you can manage anything from small meals to a tiered cake. Wise to get one.
  • Don’t shop too much. Not just clothes and stationery, even your groceries should be shopped resourcefully. Wasting food is not cool. Don’t buy what you can’t use.
  • If you share your flats with others, discuss between yourself and decide what to do with common areas. You may like loud colors and a holy mess, others may not. Share ideas, accommodate others into your lives, because they’re sharing your home. 
  • Shop second-hand appliances if budget is a concern.
  • Order custom furniture for cheaper and more tailor-made products. You won’t believe how much cheaper it is to get furniture made than to shop from big brands.
  • The place you sleep MUST BE TIDY. Sleep is essential for good health and therefore, sleeping in a pile of unwashed laundry, coffee cups, socks, and random things is not going to be very appealing. Trust us when we say this, coming home to a messy home is not very pleasant. You won’t be able to unwind and relax unless your home is a happy place. 
  • Don’t spend too much on decorating. Unless you own the property and has plans to be here for at least a good 5 years, don’t spend too much. You may have to move soon or your tastes will change and all that money spent will be lost.
  • Invest in multipurpose furniture. A sofa that can double as a bed in case of emergencies, beds with storage, Plenty of shelves that can also be used for displaying knick-knacks.
  • In case you’re into alcohol, have a bar. You can rent one or get a simple one at a few thousand. Not pretty to leave bottles all around the house. Not to mention that they are a health hazard. Glass shards have been known to cause serious injury.
  • Ask your landlord if you can paint the house yourself instead of getting in painted ahead before moving in. You can skip paying the landlord for as well. You will also get to give the home color of your choice. And get creative while doing that.
  • Decorate. Your own art is the best. Paint a tree, do some embroidery, put up your favorite quote in a frame and hang that up. Decoration does not need always mean a Da Vinci or Picasso painting. It can be a scribble with a crayon too. What makes you happy is what gets displayed. 
  • Clean. Not tidying. Actual disinfecting cleaning with cleaning liquids. We do not want unsanitary spaces to live in. It may be a little hard to do for first timers, but play some music and get started. Incorporate cleanliness into your life. This is part of adult responsibility. 

Guarented Has All Your Furnishing Needs Covered

Whether you plan to rent or buy, Guarented is a one-stop spot for all the furnishing needs. For your convenience, we have pre-formulated 1, 2 & 3 bhk packages that get you everything you want in under a few clicks. We also offer a host of perks but our biggest plus would definitely be the affordable prices and excellent customer support. So do check us out and share pictures of your bachelor pad once it is all set up. Good luck!


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