Guarented Invites Franchise Partners From All Over The Country!

Hello, readers! Yeah, you read the title correctly! Guarented is officially inviting aspiring individuals from around India to become franchise partners with us. This exciting opportunity would let you become a successful business owner in no time at all!

Wondering what this is about? Ok, here are the details.

Who Is A Guarented Franchise Owner?

Well, like the universal definition, a franchise owner is someone associated with a brand or company and conducting business under that brand/company name while collecting payment for the services they provide. In Guarented’s case, we’re adding partnering up with individuals who will operate under our name, and sell or rent out products that we supplied. The only contribution franchise owners will make is that they will set up a warehouse and a logistics arrangement to deliver products to customers’ doorstep.

Franchise owners then get to collect payment made towards orders they handled. Guarented will collect a nominal commission towards back-end handling charges. 

Why Become A Franchise Owner?

Guarented is one of the most reputable names in the field of furniture selling, renting and manufacturing. With orders steadily increasing with each passing day, a steady influx of customers is guaranteed. We are already live in two cities – Bangalore & Hyderabad. We have plans to expand to more Indian cities in the near future and we’d like the good people of India to be part of this journey. We would like to give small business owners a chance to be part of the Guarented family while also generating some income for themselves.

Becoming a Guarented franchise owner is an excellent business opportunity where risk is minimal. All you need is a 3000 sq ft area which can be used as a warehouse, enough staff to keep the warehouse functioning and a logistics set up that will let you transport furniture products and appliances within your region of operation. Or to summarize, minimal setup cost, minimal risk and you can start serving customers straight away.

Guarented’s Promise To Its Franchise Owners

We’re here to do everything we can so that you have a smooth experience. All our franchise partners will receive the following –

  • Premium quality, handcrafted furniture products and high-end refurbished appliances. You get the Guarented’s seal of quality and you’ll be saved from having to do any QA tests on products yourselves.
  • A platform to receive, process and track orders. All franchise owners will be given a dashboard through which they can operate. No tech set up will be required on the franchise owner’s part. 
  • Marketing assistance round the clock. For most businesses, generating orders from customers is often a big hurdle. With Guarented, that’s not the case. We will make sure that you receive the necessary boost in your region to ensure that orders come your way. 
  • Customer support is yet another vital part of all business. As franchise partners, you, however, won’t have to inconvenience yourself with setting up a customer care wing. Guarented will do that for you on all orders you receive. Telephonic/email/SMS support will be handled by Guarented’s in-house team of expert customer care executives. 
  • Online payments will be collect by Guarented on behalf of you for orders you attended to. After cutting a nominal commission, your payment will be duly redirected to you. This saves franchise owners from having to set up payment gateways or other payment collection methods.
  • For every order you receive, the background checks or customer verification will be carried out by Guarented. This reduces your vulnerability to potential fraudulent customers.

To summarize, with commendable tech and product-related support, our franchise owners have very few hassles to deal with. This allows them to focus on processing and dispatching orders while also growing as a business.

What Duties Are Expected From A Franchise Owner?

Like we mentioned already, the duties are limited to managing the warehouse and dispatch/delivery of goods. Here’s a breakdown of what’s expected of a Guarented franchise owner –

  • Managing, updating and stocking the warehouse and also hiring the required personnel to ensure smooth functioning of the franchise. We recommend a minimum floor space of 3,000 sq.ft for hassle-free storage of the products we will supply.
  • A logistics set up with a vehicle that can transport furniture products/appliances safely, a qualified, licensed driver and loading/unloading staff.
  • A technician/serviceman who can attend to service requests raised for orders that were served by you. Guarented will not dispatch a technician on your behalf in a region that you operate in.

How To Get Started?

If you want to explore this, please download our franchise proposal and go through it thoroughly. If you find it appealing, get in touch with us or use the link provided in the proposal to sign up with us. We will come over, inspect proposed warehouse, commission, furniture & appliances for your warehouse and finally sign the agreement with you to mark the beginning of our collaboration. The entire process should take a few weeks and once everything is done as per protocol, we will list your region on our site, allowing customers to place orders with franchise owners.

In case you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us on or you can call us at 8808112345 or visit

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