Guide To Buying Appliances Online

Thanks to the pandemic, we’re all staying inside as much as we can and that also means we’re doing most of our shopping online. We can all agree that e-commerce platforms have been a lifesaver during these times. People have even started making very expensive purchases online like appliances, gadgets, and even precious jewelry! If you are planning to buy appliances online, here’s a guide that can help you.

According to some experts, online appliance shopping needs to be given a lot of thought. Appliances are large and expensive and often difficult to transport. It is recommended that you do some research beforehand and then place your order.

#1 Pick A Reputable Vendor

We cannot stress how important this step is. Pre and post-sales services and even the product quality itself play an important role in determining how great a shopping experience you’ll have. Companies like Guarented are startups specializing in the sale and renting of household appliances online. We have a considerable online presence making it easier for you to reach out to us. 

If you shop your appliances with us, you are guaranteed to get only the most premium quality appliances ever!

#2 Warranty

Irrespective of whether you are buying a used product or a new one, warranty will not just protect your budget, it is also an indicating factor on whether the seller is confident about the quality of the product. It is recommended that you only purchase products that come with a service warranty.

If you shop from Guarented, you get a free service warranty that lasts 6 months since the date of delivery. During this period, you can get in touch with us for manufacturing defects or maintenance checks and we’ll help you out!

#3 Buyback Guarantee

This is a Guarented exclusive feature that allows customers to sell products back to us within the first year of purchase. Should you wish to discontinue using an appliance you purchased from us, you can contact us to have to have it bought from you. We’ll evaluate the condition of the product and quote a price. This feature saves you from the hassles of having to advertise, negotiate and sell for lower amounts to potential second-hand shoppers. 

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