Had Enough Of Being A Renter?

Hello, good people! Today, we thought we’ll write about owning for a change. Well, renting is still awesome and we’ve already written quite a bit explaining its perks. But there does come a point while renting where you can no longer rent the product. The thing you’ve been renting becomes a part of your home so much so that letting it go is like going through a breakup!

So what can you do to save yourself that heartbreak? Easy – Buy it. To be more specific, buy it from us. Now, how are you going to do that? Let’s see.

Heartbreak After A Product Is Returned


Imagine waking up one day to a pile of soiled clothes because your washing machine is just not there anymore. You stare at the empty space and cry tears that burn like detergent in your eyes. Well, let this not happen to you. So if you’ve been renting with us, we have a fantastic and inexpensive way to become an owner from a renter.

And it is called…

*Somebody scream “Tada” in the background with drum rolls please*


You might have come across this phrase at least once by now. Essentially Rent To Own is a scheme that lets customers procure a product that they have been using by simply paying the difference to the sale price of the product. It might look as though renting was a trial period at the end of which you’re happy with the product so you’re simply progressing to become the owner of the product.

Let’s elaborate on Rent To Own

Let’s say you’ve been renting a top load washing machine with us. It has made you happy, the machine never failed you or troubled you and you sort of want to keep it forever. If you buy the same product from us via Rent To Own, there is very little that could go wrong.

Now a couple of advantages you get with this are as follows-

  1. Satisfaction with the product. You know the product and you have used it. Unlike buying where you are spending money and blindly hoping that it works for you, this scheme stands a better chance to ensure satisfaction.
  1. Prices are cheaper than if you purchase a second hand product. Second hand washing machines cost a lot more if you sourced them outside. Plus, there’s no guarantee that it will work properly. In most cases, people sell of their household stuff when a fault shows up and since there isn’t always much regulation on quality checks before selling them, you could end up with a bad product.
  1. No need to transport anything. Well, the product is already in your house and working away. No hassles of picking up from seller or even arranging delivery. That part was already taken care of by us, remember?
  1. There’s warranty. For six whole months! Any service or maintenance needed during the warranty period will be on us. This rarely applies for similar products bought elsewhere. Unless you buy a brand new product with the manufacturer’s warranty at an undiscounted price, service warranty on a product is a luxury that comes by rarely.

In short, it is a bargain. You get top notch products at a fraction of the cost. Rent To Own is fast becoming a popular option on our site and our existing customers have nothing but good words about the idea of progressing into an owner after being a renter.

It may not be your cup of tea because in the end you do become an owner and with it comes the liabilities. However, if you are moving onto more permanent phases in life, this could be easily, the best way to kick start your future and your savings!


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