Health Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are one of the most unappreciated furniture products. Trust us when we say this, such beds deserve a lot more credit than they get. Adjustable beds play a huge role in reducing the discomforts associated with various kinds of illnesses and have been recommended by many as the best way to get comfortable sleep.

If you’ve been experiencing sleeplessness due to a health issue, you should seriously consider investing in an adjustable bed. This article will detail the benefits of such a bed while also telling what kind of people would need such a bed. But before we begin, let’s see what an adjustable bed is.

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is any bed that moves and bends to provide you with a host of sitting and sleeping positions. They typically have multiple hinged joints that allow users to put them in a mode that best suits their sleep needs. Such beds are available in both electrical and manual variants, with the electrical ones obviously costing a lot more. A good example of an adjustable bed is the kind you see in hospitals, especially the ones used for cardiac patients.

These beds can be further classified based on the number of joints they have, 2 being the least and 5 being the highest. Comfort increases with a number of joints because it allows more positions.

In the recent past, beds that allow height adjustments, arm rails, inclination and even a massage function have been made available in the markets. They are often provided with a remote to control various modes. However, they are on the expensive side.

What Are The Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

This is where matters get compelling. Adjustable beds aren’t just for the elderly and ailing folks, adjustable beds are great for even healthy people because the comfort provided by them is near next to unmatched. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have a plethora of benefits and no disadvantage per se. Here’s a list of known benefits of an adjustable bed.


  1. Significant relief from back pain: This is a condition that affects people of every ages. Sportspersons, pregnant women, elderly and everyone in between. Sleeping on a bed that has been adjusted to be in an inclined position helps reduce the pain considerably. Often a wrong sleeping position is what causes the back pain to begin in the first place. Improving your posture while sleeping will help immensely.


  1. Prevents acid reflux and GERD: When you lie completely horizontally, stomach acids tend to rise and come towards your throat causing an extremely uncomfortable sensation and heartburn. Acid reflux causes disturbed sleep and damaged food pipe in severe cases. Lying in a reclined position prevents the acids from coming up and often negates the need for any other medical intervention to control this condition.


  1. Relief from arthritic pain: Arthritis is a painful condition seen among the elderly, most commonly affecting joints in the legs. An adjustable bed can be set in such a way that pain is taken off the legs, allowing better circulation which in turn reduces pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.


  1. Better sleep during pregnancy: During the last trimester, sleep is going to be difficult because there’s a lot of pressure on your abdomen. And getting up quickly from a completely flat position can be hard. Doctors all around the globe recommend inclined sleeping position during the last trimester and adjustable beds are perfect for it.


  1. Reduce sleep apnea, snoring and even asthma: All three of these conditions can be reduced when the head is elevated considerably. This takes off pressure on the windpipe. Getting an asthma attack in the middle of your sleep is very dangerous. An adjustable bed can solve all this by allowing you to put yourself in a comfortable position.

Who Should Buy An Adjustable Bed

Everyone will benefit from such a bed, but since they are expensive, it might be hard to afford. That said, if possible the elderly, pregnant and people suffering from respiratory ailments must definitely consider purchasing one. The relief you get from good, undisturbed sleep has a huge impact on the overall quality of your life.

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