Health Benefits Of Using A Recliner

Gone are the armchairs that the elders of the previous generations sat back on. When you think of contemporary leisure chairs, recliners are what comes to our minds. These plush, innovative chairs have become more than just a fancy chair. They are now enhanced with features like massage mode, various inclined positions and many other manual and automatic features. Despite all that innovation, an average Indian still associates recliners with luxury and considers them as a mere fancy chair. If only we could dispel such ideas!

Anyway who has used recliners more than once would swear that very few chairs come even close to the comfort that a recliner can offer. But here’s the catch – recliners are ideal for discomforts caused due to a wide range of ailments, especially discomforts associated with ageing. Here are some of the benefits recliners provide for specific health conditions.

Sciatica & Back Pain

Sciatica is a debilitating condition caused due to damage the nerves. The pain is pretty bad and sometimes only specific positions can help alleviate that pain. Same goes with back pains caused due to various reasons. For all such muscle and nerve related pains, seating positions play a vital role.

Recliners are designed to let you sink into soft cushioning while also giving you the necessary support for your lower and upper back. Patients have often claimed that they get commendable relief while sitting on recliners as opposed to other chairs and couches.

Acid Reflux

This is a condition that can affect humans of any age group. Essentially this is a condition that results from weakened esophageal muscles causing the stomach acids to rise up to the throat. This condition is commonly referred to as chest burns.

For patients suffering from this, sleeping in a horizontal position is almost always troublesome. An inclined or vertical position is what allows their muscles to hold up and prevent the acids from rising up. Such people often find it easier to sleep on recliners and not normal beds. Even if you stack up pillows to recline yourself, the gap that forms between the bed and mattress is a crevice that doesn’t support your neck or back sufficiently and could lead to other back ailments.


As if pregnancy wasn’t hard enough, the initial nausea only gives way to increased strains on your back and legs as the baby grows and everything becomes crowded inside a woman. Especially for women who are on the thinner side, the last trimester can be really hard. As the baby grows, everything north of the uterus gets pushed up and causes acid reflux, nerve pain and disturbed sleep due to breathing troubles.

It has been an age old practice for heavily pregnant women to sleep on pillows that are propped up to keep them reclined. But as mentioned before, this only lends insufficient support to their backs causing a host of other problems. Thanks to recliners, pregnant woman are now getting better sleep during their pregnancies. Recliners provide enough support for their spine that’s already under pressure, while keeping them propped up thereby preventing acid reflux and other discomforts.

Heart Ailments & Geriatric Diseases

It is common knowledge that patients who have suffered a recent heart attack are asked to keep themselves inclined while sleeping. And since recliners are specifically to keep your bodies reclined, they are hugely popular among those that suffer from heart diseases.

Even otherwise, as you age, your lower limbs tend to go through some trouble due to inefficient circulation of fluids. Most seniors suffer from swelling of lower limbs and difficulties in getting up from a horizontal position increase. Many elderly customers swear that sleeping on the recliner helped them have undisturbed sleep and that they wake up to unswollen limbs.

Is Investing In A Recliner A Good Idea?

Yes. Definitely. Even if you are as fit as a fiddle, recliners offer unmatched comfort when it comes to seating. Even if it is merely to unwind at the end of a long day, they are a great idea. So needless to say it goes without saying that if you have someone at home suffering from any of the conditions described above, recliners are all the more ideal an investment.

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