Here’s How You Can Buy Branded Sofas Online

There’s something about a stylish sofa that makes any room liven up immediately. Sofas are not just comfy pieces of furniture that you can sink into, they are also focal points of most living rooms. And then they could also double as a bed for that unexpected guest. For all this and more, sofas are one investment that needs considerable thought and consideration. However, designer branded sofas come at prices that are quite hefty. Because of this, many people love tips on how they can get their hands on a designer sofa. So if you are on the lookout for a swanky sofa that isn’t too heavy on your budget, here are some tips that could help you.


Buy Brand New Sofa Online
Brand New Sofa Online

Shopping Online Helps You Save A Bit

This is an unspoken fact. Showroom prices reflect staff salaries, space rent, maintenance and much more. Online prices, therefore, will be comparatively lower as a lot of additional expenses and cut down.

Then there’s the fact that shopping online is way more convenient than physically visiting various showrooms where you get to see only a handful of pieces per shop. So you’ll exhaust yourself visiting multiple showrooms and even then you may not find what you like. Hopping from one shop to another too could be expensive both in terms of money and time.

Thanks to the boom in e-commerce, online furniture shopping has become a popular trend. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can buy everything your home needs as long as you are armed with the right dimensions.

Shopping online also helps you return products you dislike if you don’t like them after they are delivered to you. When you shop from showrooms this is sometimes difficult. Most shops insist that a lot of parameters be checked before the product is returned. Can’t really blame them, it takes a lot of effort to haul massive pieces of furniture to and from warehouses and showrooms don’t often have their own transporting arrangements. On the other hand, e-commerce platforms almost always have their own or tied up logistics partner which makes it easier to return items to such sites.

Found Something You Like? Check Dupes Online

This is something that every budget constrained individual has tried at least once. Often, we come across a swanky couch from a big designer house that should cost as much as a small car. So buying that would be out of the question. What you can do here to probably put that image into Google and check for similar models at lower prices.

In fact, there is a slight chance that you’ll find the same product on another furniture shopping site for a lower price. Look around a bit, you will most likely find something you love.

Look For Second Hand Branded Sofas

If you are in Bangalore, we’re sure that you know that classifieds sites are practically overflowing with ads for household products and sofas in particular. Prices drop significantly when sold as used goods. Use this to your advantage. Even if the sofa you like does have some scratches and surface flaws, keep in mind that a little restoration, even DIY restorations can do wonders and change how the sofa looks.

While shopping for second-hand sofas, keep in mind that seller reputation is vital for good products and overall satisfaction. Keeping this in mind, experts recommend shopping from companies as opposed to random homeowners you come across on the internet. We’re not saying that ads are fraudulent, they are probably unaware of checks and upgrades you could do to improve the sofa before being sold to a new owner. Then there’s also the fact that individual owners cannot provide post-sales services, returns or even provide any form of warranty on the products they sell.

Got Designs? We’ve Got The Skill!

If, even after several hours of browsing and sweeping the internet, you fail to find something in your budget and style, feel free to approach Guarented. Our company has a stellar team of carpenters, artisans, craftsman and the likes. We’ve been crafting beautiful furniture and accepting custom orders. And like our other products and services, Guarented shop lives up to the reputation we have built over the years.

Placing an order with us is pretty simple. You can go to Guarented Shop, navigate to Guarented Tailored and leave your details with you. We’ll get back to you to arrange everything! We’ll do our best to do it on a budget too.

So get started right away! Happy sofa shopping you guys! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any and all of your furniture needs. Good luck!


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