Home Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Rooms

If you’ve been hunting for home interior design ideas for small living rooms, you should have noticed by now that designing a small space is no easy task. Especially a space that’s supposed to entertain guests and is practically the center of all activities in a home. And that’s also the fun here, it is challenging to decorate small spaces and make them functional while also being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. So if you’re on a journey to find some design solutions, we’re here to help you out. 

Let’s start with the basics. Most experts recommend keeping the following three points in mind when decorating any space

1) The function of the room

2) Enough space to allow for movement in that room

3) Everything element should come together harmoniously.

Yeah, they sound vague to the uninitiated, common folk. But let’s make this easier for you.

#1 Carefully Pick Your Furniture

Everyone agrees that placing the furniture away from the walls, or “floating” is the best because it allows people to move freely around the furniture. However, when the space is cramped, floating may not be an option. Further, the furniture itself has to be carefully packed to avoid giving the room an over-filled, cramped appearance.

Avoid large, heavy pieces that will make the room look smaller than it already is. Your best bet is to go with sleek furniture, with straight outlines and ones with light colours. If you plan to use decor elements, go with wall-mounted objects so that floor space isn’t taken up. 

#2 Neutrals Are Your Best Friend

Yes, neutrals and not whites. Whites are great, but not very easy to maintain, especially in homes with little kids. Neutral shades like greys, beige, etc will give your whole living room quite an airy look and make it seem larger than it actually is ( provided you don’t overdo the furniture and accessories). 

Now you may be wondering if neutrals alone will give the room a happy vibe. The answer is – most probably no. This is where you have to exercise your creativity and add objects like cushion covers, knickknacks, decals and more to add pops of colour so that the whole colour theme doesn’t seem flat.

#4 Custom Furniture Will Save You

Yes, you read that right. No, custom furniture is not expensive ( well, if you want custom furniture in pure gold, that will be expensive). Guarented has a unique custom furniture feature where we tailor-make products for customers on demand. We don’t rip you off. All our products, even the custom made ones are affordably priced. 

If your home doesn’t conform to standard dimensions, best get custom furniture in a design and dimension you want. This will save you precious hours which will otherwise be spent browsing countless products and then ending up with one that will be a misfit in your living room.

#5 Multipurpose Furniture To The Rescue

Furniture that doubles as storage or does more than one activity will be a lifesaver in living rooms with space constraints. A chair with a bookshelf on the side, a pouffe with storage space inside it, stackable stools that can be used for seating and serving snacks – the list is quite endless. Again, feel free to get your furniture ideas executed with Guarented if you have something unique in mind. We promise you, if you give us a furniture design, we’ll build it for you!

#6 Pick The Right Decor Elements

Heavy, dark coloured curtains, big vases that have to be placed on the floor, carpets that are massive, humongous statues – these are all strict no-nos. Unless you use them on the wall ie. Small accents are highly recommended for living rooms that are small. Potted plants are probably the safest bet because plants come in all sizes and shapes and are eco-friendly too!

Another creative trick to make the room appear bigger is to use mirrors or mirror embellished objects for decorative purposes. Because they reflect everything around them, the whole space will seem to multiply by itself, thereby giving the room a larger look ( umm..yeah that’s a difficult logic to grasp, but trust us, it works!) 

Nail The Furniture, Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

We cannot stress enough on the importance of picking the right furniture for any room, let alone a cramped living room. And all experts would unanimously agree that custom furniture is the absolute best. You have Carte Blanche to make everything look, feel & function the way you want. This also means you have complete control over the dimensions so everything will fit like a dream in your tiny living room.

If you are unsure of your interior designing skills, we’d recommend that you hire a professional designer. Do get in touch with us if you need expert home interior solutions. We’re experts at that too! And all our projects get a 5-year warranty! 

But if you think you can decorate yourself, we’re sure you’ll do a fine job! There’s no dearth for ideas on the Internet & Google’s power’s will guide you throughout the way!

Good luck & do share pics of your living room once you are done!

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