How To Host The Ultimate Holi Party

Hello good people! Holi is around the corner and I’m sure you guys are like “Meh..what holi? Just Gulaal and dirty laundry. Might as well skip it and save the dreadful task of saving myself and the clothes.” Well, NO. It’s Holi, celebrate, go smear some color! Here’s how we’re going to help you have a better holi this year and make your friends say “Holi Sh*t! – Its Party time!”

Host Some Friends

Its Sunday! Have some friends over. Isn’t it a lot better than to meet up at some random public spot to play holi and maybe even disturb a passerby? And it is not always ideal to not have a washroom closeby. So the alternative is that everyone meets at one person’s home and then to find a spot nearby to make a colossal/colorful mess.

Now, what do you need to host guests at home?

  1. Fridge: It’s summer, your friends will kill you (if the summer heat doesn’t fry you first) if you don’t have chilled water at least. And even otherwise, having a fridge is kind of essential because what’s a home without essentials on standby? Well, milk, bread and eggs are staples, right?
  1. Beds: Can’t make them lie on the floor – it is bad courtesy. If not bed frames, at least have mattresses. You guys will exhaust yourselves with all that activity and “Balam pichkaari” dance. Everyone needs to rest up, because the next day is a working day and you’re expected to show up at office!
  1. Gaming gear: Because you can’t play holi outside after dark, stay home and play games instead! If you’re not fans of virtual games, get some good ol’ party games as well. This one is totally optional though, because these days most people would prefer pouring over their smartphones instead. Yeah, kalyug, indeed!

Be Holi-Ready

  1. Essential medicines

holiFor breathing issues and you know, hangover. If anybody has an already identified respiratory issue, let’s be kind to them and spray them only with wet (and not dry) colors. Asthma medicine is vital and maybe some anti-allergens too. Nasty rashes are best treated with over the counter medicines. And of course, thanks to all those English series, we know that Aspirin is the prime cure for hangovers.

  1. Washing machine

If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to arrange one. Hand washing gulaal stained clothes is a hard task. And you may end up damaging the clothes and worsening the stain, we don’t want that do we?

holi blog

And that’s pretty much it. Now, if you do not have everything we mentioned here, don’t worry, we can rent it to you at very, very attractive prices! And you can simply return them to us when the need is over and done with. Its that simple!

For Those Not Celebrating Holi!

It is still the festive season! You deserve happiness! It may be the perfect time to deck up your house and truly make it a home. Again, if you got prefer not to spend a lot of money on household items, rent it from us! We’ve got free delivery, free pickup, free maintenance and service during lease term and a very, very, attractive option that lets you buy the products you love!

Irrespective of what you are doing on Holi, make sure that you stay safe and cause no disturbance whatsoever to folks around you. Remember, not everyone wants to be part of the celebration. So here’s wishing everyone a very happy and colorful Holi 2017! Cheers!


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