How Guarented Helped Customers Build Some Fine Customized Sofas

It’s not news that Guarented has been manufacturing some stellar furniture over the years. We’re constantly working towards coming up with innovative designs that incorporate style, comfort, and specific customer requirements. As a team, we’re proud of the work that we do. But what touches our heart is knowing that we’ve become a part of many, many households. And so today, we’re going to introduce you to some iconic sofa pieces that we’ve crafted for our dear customers.

A Marvel In Teal

This beautiful sofa was created with a contemporary vibe in mind. Meant to deck the home of a young couple, this teal sofa has some custom dimensions and of course, that beautiful color was chosen by the customer too! 

While working on this sofa, we made sure that we used only the most premium and durable materials. And we also involved the customer in every part of the ideation process. Like with every other custom product, we gave the customer an opportunity to come watch the product being made at our warehouse.

This sofa was completed and delivered within the promised time frame. Our team is happy, nay overjoyed at the feedback we received from the customer who now proudly owns this delectable sofa!
customized 3 seater sofa

Beach Vibes For The Win

Yet another product we’d like to showcase today is our customized L shaped sofa in white & blue. Catering to the specific requirements of a customer, especially about the color and dimensions, this particular sofa was a pleasure to work on. Every aspect of it was carefully crafted and manufactured with the finest materials we could get our hands-on.

Once delivered, the product fits perfectly into the space it was intended for. Both the customer & our team could not have been happier!
customized L shaped sofa

Behind The Scenes

Custom furniture has opened up a world of possibilities in the interior decor industry. With homes becoming more and more compact and standard dimensions not being applicable anymore, it is only natural that the market has welcomed the idea of custom furniture. It does not just accommodate the ever-changing needs of the customer, it also lets people add their own flair to the furniture that will become a part of their homes & offices.

Aside from the very obvious benefits like having a piece of furniture custom made to suit your needs, customized products also help the customer control the final price. By picking everything from materials to workmanship, the price can be made to stay within budget.

And as we conclude, here’s a glimpse at some sofas that are WIP at our warehouse.

Customized sofa images

You can always schedule a visit to our warehouse if you wanna see some live action furniture crafting. Just drop us an email & we’ll get in touch with you. Guarented also aces interior decoration. Homes, offices, and whatever spaces you want designed, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you!

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