How To Make Your Dining Table Multifunctional

If you’re the average adult who likes an asset-free lifestyle, there’s a high chance that you lean towards minimalism when it comes to furniture. Especially if your home is compact, you always try to get maximum use out of every furniture product you own. Urban cities have homes that are quite constrained when it comes to space. And that’s not a bad thing. You really get to get creative and design products that are multi-functional. As a company that excels in the art of making furniture, this is a challenge that we love.

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In most homes, the dining table is typically a large affair. It also gets used as a work desk, kids/adults study table, and occasionally to entertain guests. Once the lockdown commenced, we’ve seen that many have tried redecorating their dining table to turn it into everything from a stacking space to desks for online classes and meetings. In other words, the dining table has been playing many roles in this pandemic season.

Let’s Welcome New & Upgraded Designs

For centuries, dining tables have been just the basic flat surface with 4 legs attached kinda deal. And it’s time that got an upgrade. Guarented has been pioneering the custom furniture space for some time now. And with that, we’ve realized that you can incorporate storage, art, and more into a mere table. That too on a budget.

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If you want your dining table to serve an additional function, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us. Our design team will willingly rack their brains to come up with something that fits both your requirements and your budget. From incorporating closed storage, to display racks to even charging ports, we’ve seen many unique designs!

Place It In The Right Spot

To get maximum use out of your dining table, you should not just focus on the nuances of the design. It is equally important to place it in the correct spot. When we say the right spot, we mean one that is easily accessible from all over the house and has a source of fresh air/outside view and one where the wifi signal is not too bad :). This makes it easy for everyone to reach the table easily and also to do more at the table.

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Get Custom Dining Tables With Guarented

Like we mentioned before, Guarented welcomes you to approach us for custom made dining tables. And not just dining tables, we can customize any furniture item you want. If you want the smoothest experience with everything catered to your needs, we’ll be more than happy to help out with the interior design of your home/office. You can also browse our collection of dining tables and pick out something readymade. Small customizations can be accommodated on all our existing designs but if you want something unique, just drop us an email!

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