How To Make Your Home Monsoon Ready

Hello readers! How are we doing today? After the melting heat of summer, monsoons are finally upon us. Bangalore and a few other south Indian cities are getting seriously drenched because of the monsoons. Bangalore traffic especially is taking a hit because of the heavy rains. We hope you guys are doing ok and staying clear of possible diseases as well. Speaking of monsoons, did you know that rains are one of the primary causes of damages to the structure of buildings and in some cases even the household products inside homes? If you are trying to avoid any such mishaps and give some extra care to your home, here’s an article guiding you on how to make your home monsoon ready!

Remember – while rains are necessary, a little extra care goes a long way in helping you save your health and finances during the monsoons. Too much water isn’t a good thing either.



Moisture Is Nutrition For Microbes

This is lesson one in biology. Fungi and all kinds of organisms breed when there’s moisture around. And the monsoons bring just that. Stagnant water everywhere for the mosquitos to breed. Water seeping in walls affecting the electrical wiring and fungi blooming everywhere can cost you thousands in repairs and medical bills.

The first and most important step you should take to prevent issues during monsoon is to keep moisture at bay. Leave no sources for stagnant water to collect around your home. Inside your home, dampness and humidity are major sources of health problems. To keep them at bay, make sure there’s enough cross ventilation in your house. Install a humidifier if necessary.

Rugs And Carpets Are Health Hazards

The amount of pathogens breeding in moist carpets and rugs is absolutely insane. The doormats in front of restrooms almost always have quite a bit of dampness and that can lead to a plethora of diseases. And not to mention the risk of slipping on a wet carpet and falling on your behind.

Unlike in summer, monsoons won’t allow your carpets and rugs to dry out easily. So you may have to hang them out to air dry them regularly. However, since sunlight will be sparse, you may have to keep them away and use plastic mats for a bit. If you cannot dry them daily, try to at least vacuum clean them every week.

Wooden Furniture Takes The Biggest Hit

This is not a silly statement. Wooden furniture suffers extensive damage in moist conditions. Drawers, wardrobes, sofas and any wooden piece will be ruined when exposed to moisture. Mold and fungi develop on them,  damaging their appearance and weakening their structure. If the insides of wardrobes and shelves develop fungi, your clothes and whatever is stored in them could be ruined as well.

If possible, give your wooden furniture a fresh coat of varnish or protecting coating ahead of the monsoons. Wipe them occasionally with a dry cloth to keep them moisture free. You can also place naphthalene balls inside your shelves and wardrobes to keep fungi and mold at bay.

Pre Monsoon Checks Are A Wise Step

Get a professional to inspect the electrical wiring and even the plumbing in your home before the monsoons. Well, since monsoons have already begun by the time you are reading this, get an inspection done now.

Potentials leaks in electrical wiring or even plumbing could lead to severe structural damage or health hazards. Big household appliances like refrigerators, TVs and even smaller ones like light fittings could get damaged permanently because of short circuits and the likes. And don’t forget, humans could literally get fried on the spot if there is an electrical leak.

Increase The Frequency Of Cleaning

If you don’t have a maid, we’re sure you dread the task of having to clean the entire house every week. But sadly, this is a task you just cannot skip during the monsoons. Skip cleaning for a week and you’ll find all kinds of smelly fungus eating into your furniture and belongings.

Unless you want to suffer losses in repairs and buying new stuff for yourself, it would be wise to spend a few extra hours each week on cleaning. Remember, “no moisture” is your mantra. If you do wipe something clean with a wet cloth, use a dry cloth afterward to soak up all that moisture.

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