How To Paint Wooden Furniture Like A Pro

Furniture crafted from wood has always been deemed a part of human lives. We’ve also had some very famous wooden furniture pieces throughout history – thrones, beds, and more! When crafted right, wooden furniture can last several decades with the right maintenance. And a big part of maintenance involves keeping a polished appearance. And that often involves repainting or giving touch-ups or painting over to give a brand new appearance altogether. If you’re trying to revamp your wooden furniture with a fresh coat of paint, here’s how you can do it without hassle.

#1 Clean Your Furniture

Cannot stress how important this step is. Wipe, scrub down the item you’re planning to paint and make sure there’s no dust, mould, debris on the surface. This would also be a good time to make structural enhancements and fixes like tightening screws, mending cracks etc. Once your furniture is cleaned, leave it out in the sun to dry for a couple hours. 

Once you are sure that the cleaned furniture is completely dry and free of mould, you can go about setting up for the actual painting part. If you’re planning to let kids use the furniture you are revamping, now would be a good time to lead test the paint. You should be able to find lead testing kids online and they’ll be easy to use as well. This step is optional as most good brands of paint are lead-free.

#2 Lets Get Painting

Paint can be messy to work with. Make sure that you spread newspapers or cloth down below to save you from cleaning spills. Remember, paint dries fast and getting it off sooner might need a chemical thinner that could give off unpleasant fumes. Before you begin painting, make sure that you’ve diluted the paint enough and that you’ve picked the right kind of paint. Outdoor furniture might need weather-proof paint which could be expensive and you’ll need several coats of it. The color palette too needs to be given some thought. But that said, this is your chance to get creative. You don’t have to stick to solids, paint your heart out!

Check the Internet for some inspiration. Florals, designs and some phenomenally pretty patterns can be done with stencils and they’ll add a unique charm to your furniture. If you’re going to do florals and patterns, make sure that your base coat is dry before painting over it.

#3 The Finishing Touch

Leave the freshly painted piece of furniture in an undisturbed spot with sufficient airflow. If you can leave the fan on, that would be great. Once the paint is dry, you may want to apply some varnish or clear paint to ensure the longevity of color and resistance to scratches and stains. Kindly note, clear paint gives off some unpleasant fumes and odor, you should ideally wear gloves, a mask, and maybe even protective goggles. Also, the varnish is highly inflammable so no lit cigarettes/fiery stuff must go near it.


And You’re Done!

It’s not an easy task, but doing it will give you a sense of satisfaction when you see the finished product. However, if you have neither the materials nor the inclination to do it yourself, Guarented can offer you some excellent custom-made furniture that can be handcrafted to suit your unique needs. Not just the paint, the dimensions, structure, and more can be customized to suit your unique needs! All you need to do is get in touch with Guarented’s team and we’ll take it from there!

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