How To Pick A Bed For A Tiny Bedroom

Bedrooms are one of the most private spaces that we retreat to for anything and everything. Maybe it’s for long phone calls, or for a quick nap or to just lounge around comfortably and most importantly, it’s the place for a good night’s sleep. So it’s natural that people insist on having a good sturdy bed frame, a comfy mattress and the right decor items. However, folks who have a small bedroom often find it difficult to fit everything in it while also coordinating all the elements. If you are trying to find ways to find a comfy bed that fits into a cramped bedroom, this article should be able to help you out.

#1 Bed Isn’t The Only Piece Of Furniture Your Bedroom Needs

And this should never skip your mind. We’ve seen some people fit a king sized bed into a tiny bedroom and ending up with a very unpleasant looking room. As a general rule, home decorators suggest leaving at least three feet gap between the walls and the bed. However, if you cannot do that, make sure at least two sides are floated if you plan to push the bed against a wall. You will need enough space to move around the bed and change covers.

In addition to a bed, your room will need other functional furniture like a wardrobe, a bedside table, a wardrobe and one other seating option – chair/bean bag/ anything you prefer. A bed should not be so large that it leaves you with no option to fit other furniture items in your bedroom.


#2 Opt For Lightweight, Sleek Designs

Heavy, dense wood furniture could be hard to move around. So your best bets are engineered wood and metal beds. Metal beds especially are so stylish and lightweight that they’ll instantly add an old world, rustic charm to the space they are in.

If you really want wooden beds, you can also opt for less dense natural wood types. With sufficient care, they’ll last a long time and won’t give you any trouble at all. Alternately, you can approach a carpenter with dimensions that are appropriate for your room and have them custom made. Wood furniture too can be customized to be lightweight by adjusting the number of slats and the amount of craftwork on them. But yes, they might be heavier than their metal counterparts.


How To Pick A Bed For A Tiny Bedroom 2

#3 If You Aren’t Sure About The Style Theme, Rent Beds

If you are not too sure about what your bedroom has to look like or you are still developing the decor theme of your entire home, try renting a few beds before you zero in on one style. Renting gives those with budget constraints and those unsure about settling just yet the flexibility to experiment and try out different things.

Many companies in Bangalore let you rent beds and other household furniture products for super affordable prices. Use that to your advantage and try different styles of beds in your room

How To Pick A Bed For A Tiny Bedroom 3

#4 Pick A Bed With Storage

This helps you save some space on because you can skip placing a wardrobe in an already tiny bedroom. At least all the bed essentials – covers, extra pillows and other materials can be stored in the storage space that comes with the bed.

Beds with storage also have the benefit that they have great resale value. Should you ever need to sell your bed off, one with storage will probably get sold faster than one without. Because who wouldn’t want extra space for storing things?

How To Pick A Bed For A Tiny Bedroom 4


#5 Use A Sofa+Bed Combination

If nothing fits and all your other options fail, go for a sofa bed. That way you can fold it up and create more space in the bedroom when you don’t need to nap. Futons are also great options. But some people don’t find them comfy enough for everyday use. Crashing on them for one or two nights should be ok, but for your spine and overall health, you may need to invest in an actual bed+mattress combo that gives your body enough support while you sleep.

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