How To Pick The Right Color For Your Furniture

When it comes to decorating and furnishing your house, most of us pay attention to the budget and durability of the products we use. While they are important aspects, the whole theme will fail to harmoniously come together until you have the right color palette. If you are struggling with furnishing your home and you need professional help, feel free to approach Guarented’s team of interior designers right away. We’re available on call and email, we’ll be more than happy to design your home for you.

If you want to do this as a lockdown project, with little external help, we have some tips for you that will help you pick the right colors for your furniture. So let’s begin!

The Obvious Choice

Custom Furniture

Naturally, everyone thinks of the color they most love looking at. What’s yours? If it’s black, you’re lucky. Black on furniture looks classy and rarely goes out of style. It’s also a great, clean background for some fine touches. A black 5 seater sofa is probably one of the iconic furniture pieces ever. You can add a pop of color in the form of cushions, you can make the theme formal, casual, or even boho with black pieces of furniture. 

However, make sure that everything you pick isn’t black. That would just make things excessively monochromatic and it might not be very appealing to look at.

The Walls

What color are your walls? Unless you have the option to paint them a different color, be conscious of the furniture’s color when you put it against a boldly colored/patterned wall. In general, contrasting shades are recommended when picking furniture that gets placed against a feature wall. But if you think that the wall and furniture together create too big a splash of color, go for neutrals. Neutral furniture rarely fails – browns, beiges, any earthy color for that matter would just bring a sense of calm to any space.

The Light

How well lit is the space you plan to keep your furniture in? Too well lit? Plenty of direct sunlight? If yes, maybe opt for darker colors. Dimly lit? Go for neutrals. This may require professional help because lighting plays a very important role in the final look of your room. And then there are other aspects you need to consider like fading of upholstery color when placed under direct sunlight. The general recommendation is that you ask a professional, but otherwise, as always, neutrals are your best choice.

Get Custom Furniture

Custom furniture seems to be all the rage right now and it is a trend that here to stay. And why wouldn’t it? The idea of furniture being made to suit specific individual needs is the best thing the furniture industry has to offer. From colors to dimensions and even the function of the furniture can be tailored to meet your needs. Custom furniture obviously takes a lot longer to reach your doorstep than your regular store-bought furniture. It takes time to think out, design, pick the right materials, and finally execute with the right craftsmanship. However, once done, it’s going to a very gratifying experience to use it.

If you like the idea of custom furniture that is made with a design you have in mind in the color and materials you pick, get in touch with Guarented. We have a whole team dedicated to custom furniture creation and an in-house team of designers who can make designs that work best for you! 

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