How To Pick The Right Curtains For Your Living Room

Curtains and drapes were once solely for the purpose of providing some privacy to people. Today, they’re decor elements that are carefully designed and picked to suit individual homeowner’s tastes. People spend a considerable amount of time browsing curtain fabric, design, texture, and even length before finally zeroing in on that they want. If you are in the process of picking drapes or curtains for your home, this article should help you approach curtain selection in an organized manner.

So here’s how you can pick a curtain that will enhance the look of your living room.

#1 Fabric

Fabric decides how long your curtains last and the overlook “feel” of it and also how easy/difficult it will be to maintain them. In general, fabrics of around medium thickness are preferred. Too light and they won’t “fall” well, too heavy and they tend to droop.

If you are physically going to shops to pick a curtain, take a few yards and hold them against direct sunlight after pleating. If they fall like an accordion, they should be a decent bet.

#2 Colour

If your room receives plenty of sunlight, you’re lucky because you get to experiment with the whole colour spectrum. However, keep in mind that bright colours, when exposed to sunlight will fade considerably giving your curtains an uneven appearance.

Sticking to natural, light colours have the benefit of keeping the theme neutral. However, these days it is a popular trend to match the shade of the curtain with the contrast wall in the living room. As long as you don’t saturate that one shade or pattern too much that it becomes too “in your face”.

#3 Length

Well, the longer they are, the grander they look. But it isn’t always true a few inches above the window to the floor is the traditional length for curtains in the living room. A few extra inches to the side is great too. This means that you’ll need to place your curtain rod or whatever arrangement you have in place to hang your curtain be measured precisely before installation.

Another option is to layer your curtains. Add fringes or two layers and have one pulled back. Both give a very charming look but more the number of layers, the more expensive it will be.

#4 Maintenance

There are everyday materials like cotton, linen and the likes that can easily be washed at home in your regular washing machine. The thicker fabrics like the ones you use to upholster sofa and the multilayer ones will be ruined if you attempt to wash them at home without the necessary skills. It is always better to go for materials that you can maintain easily without spending too much.

#5 Style

Solid, patterns, lace – the options are endless! If you are shopping online, you’ll get to browse a lot more options in little time. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with various options. If they come with easy returns. While experimenting, keep in mind that the whole point of the curtain is to provide some privacy so that purpose should not be overshadowed by the style of it. Also, remember to check if the curtain needs a lining or a trim.

Good Luck With Your Curtain Shopping!

Give the number of options available on shopping sites, you will surely be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. But if you stick to the points mentioned above, you’ll be able to find a suitable one in no time at all. All the best then!

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