How To Pick The Right Dining Table For Your Home

Most memories of our family involve everyone gathered around a table to break bread and share stories. Growing up, we’ve had some of our most important conversations at the table as well. So it would be safe to say that in Indian households, a dining table is more than just an instrument to place and eat food from. It is something that allows people to bond with each other.

Seeing how dining tables were kind of a staple in every household, furniture manufacturers started coming up with stylish and comfortable models each passing year. And today, the market is near next to flooded with dining table varieties. So if you are on the lookout for a good dining table for your home, here are some tips that will help you find the right now.

Set Your Budget

Before you even begin looking at models, we recommend that you decide how much you plan to spend on a dining table. You should be able to find a branded, new dining table+chair set at around 20K.

Naturally, you can always pick non-branded alternatives or even second-hand ones for that matter. To be even kinder to your finances, you can consider renting one if your requirement is not long term. But do keep in mind that used goods should never be purchased from unreputable vendors who shy from giving you any kind of service warranty on products they sell.

Take Precise Measurements

Whether you have a dedicated dining area or whether you plan to use a part of your living room as a dining space, measure the area first. As a general rule of thumb, interior decorators recommend leaving a 3 feet gap on all sides of the table allowing chairs to be pushed back before seating and general movement around the table. This is kind of mandatory in houses with kids who run around a lot. In the interest of their safety, best leave enough space around the edges so that they don’t run into it.

That said, experts also recommend getting a table bigger than your actual requirement. Maybe it is just two in your home but an occasional guest will stop by. Instead of scrambling to arrange makeshift arrangements, it would help to have a little extra space at the dining table.

Pick The Right Material

Are you sure the decor in your home will remain unchanged for decades? Do you plan to leave your house to your kids and their kids and their kids after them? Well, in that case, be ready to shell out big bucks to buy dining table and chairs in a dense wood. Teak, mahogany, and similar dense wood types have a pretty tightly packed grain structure making them durable and resistant to insect attacks.

Dining tables and chairs crafted out of natural wood types are the expensive variants and are ideal for folks who their furniture to last for decades.

If you still want wood but on a smaller budget, you can try out engineered wood or particle board or even plywood. They are obviously cheaper because they are made out of wood waste pressed together to form a stronger structure and then covered in inexpensive laminate. They can last for a few years and maybe more with good care.

If you want something that is even cheaper but with reasonable aesthetics – metal dining tables and chairs are your best bet. Wrought iron and stainless steel are all over the furniture markets now because they are inexpensive, lightweight and can be crafted into sleep, artistic designs. Given that wrought iron and steel are malleable they can be shaped into pieces with a rustic charm.

Be Eclectic

Everything doesn’t have to match anymore! That is the beauty of modern design principles- we find harmony in a mismatch. If you find a table you like and if the chairs that came with it are not your type, get the table alone. You can later find a bench or a bunch of chairs that you can pair with the table.

If you want something that’s super unique and you know, never existed on this planet before, get in touch with us. Guarented has a team of skilled carpenters, artisans, and craftsmen. We can create custom made designs just to match the one you have in your head.

Discard The Misconceptions About Second Hand Furniture

Not everyone uses stuff they buy forever. Despite your best efforts, after a while, your personal style will change and you’ll want to update your home’s decor to keep up with the times. And when that happens, you’ll have to sell your used furniture even if they are in excellent condition.

This means that the used goods market is literally flooded with really good quality products at throwaway prices. If you want something on a budget or if you are passionate about the idea of reusing, we urge you to shop used goods only!

Classifieds sites like Olx and Quikr fail at regulating prices or at providing guarantees on product quality. After all, the sellers on such platforms are your average homeowners who have little to zero knowledge about refurbishing and barely have the inclination to ensure customer satisfaction.

This is why experts recommend shopping from trusted platforms like Guarented. We allow customers to shop our products right from the comforts of their home. You can browse our products, place your orders and have them delivered to your doorstep.

We are a company who specializes in the field of refurbishing and restoring used furniture. Our product quality rival that of brand new ones and that is why we confidently provide a free one-year service warranty on our merchandise. Take a look at our customer testimonials to know for yourself how happy our customers are!

We hope this article helps you pick the right table for your home. And do remember, if you need something custom-made, we’re just a phone call away! Give us your design and we’ll have it made the way you want, whenever you want! Cheers!

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