How To Pick The Right Shade For Your Sofa

If you are redecorating or merely looking to replace your old sofa, a lot of thoughts must be running through your head about how and where you could get that right product. For most homeowners, a living room is the one spot that gets maximum attention while doing the interiors. And why wouldn’t that be the case because the living rooms are often the first place your guests see and this is where most of the activity will be focused on. So it’s natural to want a living room that is cosy, welcoming, bright and a reflection of your personality. And to help you pick the right shade, we at Guarented have put together this mini-guide that will make it easier for you to choose a colour.

The Color Of Your Walls

This is often the biggest parameter you need to consider while picking a colour for your sofa. The walls take up a lot of space on your visual field so pick a colour that goes well with the shade on your wall. If you have a featured wall and if you plan to keep the sofa pushed against that wall, go for a contrasting shade. On the other hand, if you plan to place the sofa away and opposite to the feature wall, you may use the same shade or a mild variant of it.

The Color Of Your Floor

Like the walls, the colour of your floor too plays a significant role in deciding what shade your sofa should be. If you have dark flooring, experts recommend that you should avoid darker colours. When a black or deep brown sofa is placed against dark flooring, the sofa kind of seems to disappear – as in, would no longer have a commanding presence or the effect of brightening up the space.

Likewise, if your flooring is white or any of the lighter shades, you get to try a plethora of colours – anything that’s not dark basically.

Go With Your Decor Theme

By this, we mean that you should pick a colour that is already in the living room. This would give that “pulled together” look to the whole living room once the sofa is added. As a general rule, introducing a new colour into a room that already has a decor theme is risky. While eclectic looks are very popular, disarray is never a good idea.

Observe your living room and see what colour your eyes register first. If there isn’t too much of that colour, that could be the shade for your sofa, provided it doesn’t break the points we discussed above.

Consider External Factors

If you have a pet or young kids, it’s best to go with colours that would mask the results of their adventures. Kids tend to paint or doodle all over the place. Ergo, whites, light colours and anything on which stains and doodles show up are a bad idea. And with pets that shed fur, a colour that matches them would save you from having to clean up each time they sit on the couch.

Also, if you plan to place your sofa in a spot that receives direct sunlight, you need to take into account the fact that sunlight fades colours. Super dark colours will fade easily and start having a worn out look soon.

And Finally – Add A Personal Touch

Think about what you are like. Subdued and quiet? Or a lover of fun and festivities. Experts say that greys, blacks and whites are very popular with the older crowd and such colours give a pretty classy look to the room. The millennials and hardcore desi folks prefer pops of bright colour and prints. Either way, this is your living room, you are free to throw all the rules out the window and do it the way you want.

Even if you do go for a subdued colour, you can always add a pop of colour for functions and occasions by adding throw pillows, cushions. And if your sofa has bright prints, placing a few cushions in solid light colours will tone them down.

Let The Hunt Begin

Now that you are armed with pro tips on how to pick a sofa shade, why don’t you start with us? Browse Guarented’s extensive collection of designer sofas that are super affordable. We provide a host of perks like free delivery, easy returns, buyback guarantee, free service warranty and excellent customer support among other features. So why wait? Get your sofa right away!

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