How To Prepare Your Furniture For Long-Term Storage

Owning furniture is indeed a great joy. However, if you have to shift homes or go away for long periods of time, keeping your beautiful furniture safe is going to be troublesome. Shifting should be still easier because it’s a matter of hours or at max a few days. On the other hand, storing furniture long-term poses many challenges. Furniture does require maintenance from time to time and especially with wooden furniture, keeping it closed in damn spaces could lead to mould and rot which could destroy your furniture. If you’re considering a move and you have no idea how to put your furniture away for a long time, here are some tips that could help you.

1. Clean Before Packing

Brace yourself, furniture packing and storing is no cakewalk. There’s a reason why furniture packing, moving and even storing is a professional business and an entire industry in and of itself. But since the pandemic brings with it unprecedented challenges, we understand that you may have to handle this on your own.

First off, clean your furniture thoroughly. Any trace of dirt, debris and mould should be removed. Wipe down your furniture with an appropriate cleaning solution and then finish off by wiping it dry with a clean cloth. Air dry for a little bit and you can now commence packing the furniture with plastic or fabric.

2. Dismantle If You Can

This not just makes the entire furniture product compact and easier to transport, it also helps reduce impact on the product should it fall. Once you dismantle the furniture product, make sure the component parts are tied together so that nothing gets misplaced or moved. Please wear gloves/protective gear while you do the actual dismantling. Most furniture products will have screws and potentially sharp parts that could cause harm.

3. Get Professional Help

If your city is not under a triple lockdown, you should be able to find a packer who will do this for you. If you are in Bangalore, Guarented will provide you with end-to-end packing and storage solutions that will not just stow away your furniture, but also your other personal belongings. Our executives will come over and handle everything from packing, loading into the transportation vehicle, to storing it in a safe storage facility that is constantly under CCTV surveillance. We recommend that you read more about Guarented’s end to end storage solutions to see for yourself why we’re the most popular storing service in Bangalore.

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