How To Style A Bedside Table

Bedside tables are very popular pieces of furniture that are not just functional but also a harmonious addition to your bedroom furniture. Conventional bedside tables are often used in pairs and are placed on either side of the bed to store nighttime essentials and your gadgets. If you already have a bedside table at home and are looking for ways to style it, this article should help you.

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#1 Think Personal. Think Practical.

Bedside tables were originally designed to hold your very essential items or things that you must have near you at all times. The most common items are medicines, a glass of water, glasses, and phones. Of late, adding knick-knacks has become a trend and while it is a very aesthetic one, make sure you don’t place anything sharp or fragile. The last thing you want to wake up to is a mess to clean up because you knocked something over from the bedside table.

Ideally, your bedside table should have a couple drawers for safe storage of essentials. For the more basic designs, make sure that everything is placed away from the edge to avoid accidental falls.

#2 Symmetry Is Key

If you have 2 bedside tables on either side of the bed, which is recommended so that the room looks balanced, make sure that both tables are styled in a similar fashion. This isn’t a mandate, people sometimes style their bedside tables based on their personal preferences. However, a general uniformity between the two would be great. 

A very popular way to achieve symmetry is to opt for the ‘mirror image’ look. A quick search on Google will reveal that this looks very clean and thankfully, is also very easy to achieve.

Style Tip Ultra Pro Max – Bed With Built-in Bedside Table

Don’t worry, we can custom craft one just to meet your specific needs! In homes that are space-constrained, placing 2 or even one bedside table may not always be practical. It would restrict movement around the bed and that is not very convenient. In such cases, pull drawers built into the bed frame itself make for a great bedside ‘table’. 

Modern versions can even have power sockets built into these drawers making it easy for the user to charge their gadgets while they nap. Such drawers are perfect for preventing things from falling over easily as well.

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