How To Style A Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Coffee tables or centre tables are a vital part of your living room. Yes, they’re not huge or imposing like sofas and shelves but they play an important role in tying everything together and making everything look harmonious. In addition to their visual appeal, they are also high on utility. When you walk into a living room, the coffee table is often what grabs your attention. This is where you keep your books, decorative pieces, remotes and maybe even your keys. And since they are not high on the surface area, decorating a coffee table does require some thought.

1. Utility First. Appeal Later

If you prefer to actually put your coffee table to use and not just keep it as a decorative piece, you need to make sure that it is organized and uncluttered. Living rooms are the first places you walk into a home and if the coffee table is disorganized and loaded with stuff, it could ruin the whole vibe of your home. 

The most commonly placed things on a coffee table are keys, remotes, books and maybe a knick-knack or two. So first things first – organization. You can easily find what we call “trinket trays”. They come in various sizes, shapes and designs. They hold your keys, potpourris and anything else you deem important.

As for gadgets and the likes, compartmentalised trays are also easily available at affordable rates. The goal is to not let everything be scattered around your table.

2. What’s The Shape?

If your coffee table is round, place the most fragile object or the prettiest one in the centre. Workaround this object and move towards the edges while placing objects around the central piece. Candles, showpieces, vases, photo frames etc are some common examples of objects that get placed in the centre. Bear in mind, if you are using photo frames, make sure that they face the entrance to the room and not towards where the people would sit.

For rectangular and uniquely shaped tables, the idea is the same. Except that instead of a circle, you’ll aim for an ellipse or a square shape while placing items around the central piece.

3. Minimalism Is Key

If you are south-Asian, you probably receive a lot of guests at home around the year. And you would typically entertain them in your living room. Which means if you have a coffee table, that’s where the refreshments would be served. So if you load up too many utilities and decor elements, you’ll either have to move them each time you need to serve snacks on the coffee table or you’ll have to adjust with whatever space is left. Neither seems like an appealing option.

Minimalism has been all the rage these days and for good reason too. Fans of minimalism don’t just love the clean, neat look, they also believe that it is much easier to maintain and clean everything. Lesser items you have, the less dust and debris it would gather. Make sure that you don’t overdo and end up little to no space for anything else.

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