Is Renting A Smartphone A Good Idea?

Hi there! Welcome back to our blog and today we have yet another article that addresses a question a lot of young people have. For urban people and most people in general, life today is hard to imagine without a smartphone in their hands. Almost everyone, from kids to seniors are in possession of a competent smartphone. And it’s a great thing too, a decade back emergency communication was always a tough thing to achieve. Now, you literally have everything at your fingertips. Technology has brought people together and has made the world a much smaller place as well.

However, smartphones, especially the really competent, high-end ones are quite expensive. They use extremely complex technology so the price is more or less justified. And hence, not everyone can afford to just jump in and buy a new phone each time it gets damaged. We’re sure you’ve heard enough stories and memes about people selling their kidneys to get the latest iPhones. So, smartphone rentals aim to bridge the gap between desire and reality, allowing you to access something you could find hard to afford otherwise.

This meme was probably what triggered people to come up with the idea of renting smartphones. Because these days everything from cars, furniture, appliances and even DSLR cams are available on rent, so why not smartphones? But since this arrangement isn’t very common yet, we’re here to discuss the merits and demerits of renting smartphones.

Benefits Of Renting A Smartphone

According to experts & smartphone enthusiasts, the following are the two main benefits that you derive from renting smartphones as opposed to buying them.

1. Affordability

Not everyone can afford the latest iPhone or the Samsung S9+, but that shouldn’t stop you from desiring one. Right? With smartphone rentals, everyone can get their hands on some high-end phones without burning a hole in your pocket or selling the property or your kidneys for that matter :).

2. Chance To Use Multiple Models

Yep, this is yet another perk. People who are tech savvy and love the idea of trying out several phones or changing their phones each time a new model comes out should ideally have an endless supply of cash. Phones are expensive and the really good ones cost nearly a lakh.

When renting, you can try a new model every 6 months or so at the fraction of the cost. So you can flaunt a new phone every now and then without being bankrupt.

Where Can I Find A Smartphone On Rent?

Well, if you’re in a metro city, you should be able to easily find a startup that rents out gadgets. In Bangalore, there are quite a few companies operating in this space. However, keep in mind that there’s a good chance that only really high-end phones would be available on rent. The other, moderately priced ones can be afforded by most so they may be unavailable.

Like with most rentals, you will have to provide a caution deposit which would be duly returned to you in full unless you’ve missed rent payments or caused damage to the device. Monthly rentals for high-end phones like Google Pixel, iPhone X and Samsung S9+ etc range between 2k-3k per month.

Is There A Disadvantage To Renting Smartphones?

Well, too early to comment. Smartphone rentals are still a new thing and there aren’t enough customers to collect conclusive feedback from. However, within the next two years, this is something that would become as common as renting a home to stay. Students, tourists, folks who are tech-savvy get financially constrained etc are the target groups for the smartphone renting startups.

Is This Worth Trying?

Definitely, yes! If you’ve been lusting after a flagship phone but don’t have the means to arrange the cash for it, you should definitely try renting one. A smartphone, these days is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Surviving in a big city will be quite hard without one. And higher the specifications, the more you get to enjoy the benefits of technology. And, that’s pretty much it! If you do rent a smartphone, do share your experiences with us and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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