Is Your Furniture Virus free? Here Are 3 Tips To Disinfect Furniture

The very mention of the year 2020 will have us cowering in fear in the future.  We’re still unfortunately in the middle of a pandemic and the year 2020 will be burned into our collective memories forever. All that aside, the need of the hour is to keep ourselves and our surroundings as clean as possible. Any scope of contamination could put us in the hospital and that’s definitely not what we want, right?

So if you’re at home and if you think you can spare the time to ensure that everything is as much virus-free as possible, here are three very easy tips to disinfect your furniture.

#1 – Deep Clean

Deep cleaning techniques for furniture may vary depending on the material used to craft that particular piece. However, vacuum-cleaning works for everything. Begin with moving your furniture pieces away from the wall and doing a thorough round of dusting either with a brush or a cloth. Once the dusting is done, broom the area around the furniture and remove any debris that could have fallen off.

Next, proceed to use the appropriate attachment on your vacuum cleaner and run the machine on all nooks and corners of the furniture till you are sure that all particulate material has been removed. 

#2 – Wiping Down

Once the vacuum cleaning is done, wet a cleaning cloth and wipe down both hard and soft surfaces. Remember, if you have leather or leatherette upholstery, make sure you use appropriate cleaning liquids. We don’t want color fading or stains on your priced furniture. 

Once the wet cleaning is done, use a clean dry cloth to wipe down the whole thing once more. And make sure that the furniture is completely dry.

#3 – Disinfection

This is going to get tough, and we definitely recommend wearing a mask. Alcohol-based disinfectants are popular now and they are extremely effective. If you have the provision to pour the disinfectant into a spray bottle, that will not only use the product judiciously, it will also ensure better coverage when sprayed on.

Alcohol-based products don’t technically ‘wet’ anything. They will evaporate so you don’t have to worry about moisture being retained which could cause mould and fungi growth. 

The Key Is To Limit Exposure

The pandemic we are experiencing right now is thankfully not air-borne. Which means you’ll have to come in close contact with someone to get infected. And there isn’t much information available on whether surfaces can be sources of transmission. But better safe than sorry. 

If you’re aiming to disinfect furniture in a public place or a place that sees a lot of crowds, you have to frequently spray disinfectant over them to limit contamination. You may also want to encourage people to wash/sanitize their hands if they touch surfaces in public places.

We have no idea when this nightmare will end. This year has, like Thanos said, “Extracted a heavy toll” on all humans. Because of the slow down in trade, a nasty economic recession is looming over us. We can only hope that this ends soon and that it does not claim any more lives. Wishing you the very best, happy furniture disinfecting!

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