Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

We’re not surprised that you turned to the Internet for help when you wanted to decorate your kid’s room. The idea of decorating a little one’s room often sends parents into panic mode. 100 tiny different things need to be paid attention to and if you don’t do it right, the kid could get severely injured. And if you go for a totally child-safe room, there’s a high chance that the kid may not like it due to the bland decor theme. Blending both safety and the interests of the child in a presentable way is no doubt, a Herculean task indeed.

Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you’ve already Googled “Kids room decor” for some inspo, you would’ve realised by that now there’s an expensive way to do it and a budget-friendly way as well. Both, however, will require meticulous planning and time from your side. 

To make the entire process a lot simpler, let’s break it down into phases. Yes, the article is about ideas and not methods but we still think you need to have a structure to your approach. We will supply ideas, but let’s not skip good planning.

Here are the first few things you should do before decorating your kid’s room

  1. Discuss with the kid. Or the spouse if the kid is too young for a discussion. The aim is to prepare a budget and allot deadline before which the room should be done.
  2. Pick a theme – colour, character, pattern, whatever the kid likes.
  3. Prepare a shopping list. Paint, wallpaper, stuffed toys, baby proofing gear, furniture and appliances.
  4. Get everything you need.
  5. Start!

The Budget-Friendly Method

The Budget-Friendly Method

The most economical way would be to get the materials yourself and to do everything yourself. Including painting and installation of furniture. Trust us, it’s easier than you think. You can always turn to our good friend, Google, if you get stuck somewhere.

Buy the materials from online stores, make the wall art yourself, paint the walls yourself – the labour cost alone would be thousands! You could always hire a decorator to get things done from start to finish but that would cost you several thousands of not lakhs. 

Another way in which you can cut costs is by either renting furniture or by ordering them in custom designs. Kids grow fast. The same furniture may not last several years. Renting, in this case, makes absolute sense. Otherwise, order furniture in custom dimensions or designs with Guarented. That way, you won’t be wasting time browsing for suitable options or spending cash on products that won’t go with a decor theme. Need a bed in a particular colour or design? We can more than make it for you!

Design Ideas

Design Ideas

Here are some of the most common design ideas for kid’s rooms. But remember, it’s not uncommon for parents to invent their own themes so use this barely as a reference and work from there.

But whichever theme you pick, DO NOT SKIP BABYPROOFING. That’s rule #1 of decorating kid’s rooms. It’s a holy rule and you cannot skip.

The Internet’s most famous themes are :

  • Solid colours
  • Characters 
  • Animals/Jungle
  • Sky/space/galaxy
  • Patterns like waves, circles, and the currently popular chevron etc
  • Seasons – with spring being the most popular one. Florals are still a rage.
  • Subjects – science, math, arts etc

A little money and a lot of creativity are all it takes. Trust us! Decals, stickers and even fancy paint-rollers that leave beautiful embosses are available easily. Use them! Theme based products are all the rage and if you get the right materials, the whole room could be done in a day.

Save Loads On Furniture

Loads On Furniture

As we mentioned before, furniture from big brands can cost quite a lot. Go DIY on this too and send us your designs. We’re sure that we can provide the same stuff for quite a lot less. Cribs, beds, bunk beds, kid-friendly storage furniture and more can be designed to your liking. This means you can also incorporate safety measures into the furniture as per your liking! Make sure you check out Guarented’s furniture catalogue before you check anywhere else. We’ve also got furniture on rent in case you are not sure what to get just yet!

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