How To Find L Shaped Sofa Set For The Best Prices In Bangalore & Why L Shaped Sofas Are Great

For as long as we can remember, sofa sets came in groups of 5 or more and often had one large piece and two or more individual pieces. Nobody saw anything wrong with this (there still is nothing wrong with this). But one day, someone decided to connect three pieces of sofa sectionals into one large L shaped piece which could easily fit into corners and open spaces alike. We’ve never looked back since then. If you are in the middle of Googling L shaped sofa set price in Bangalore, stop right there. Here are a few things you need to know about L shaped sofas.

What Makes L Shaped Couches Great

It is said that L shaped sofas were originally designed keeping space conservation in mind. Design-wise, they are ideal for small spaces because they only need one wall to be tucked against. Even when they are floated and not placed against a wall, they anchor the space quite well so they will not look out of place. Which means that they look great either way.

Then there’s also the fact that they have this posh, contemporary feel to them. Placing a bright colored L shaped sofa in your living room will give it an instant facelift.

The Are Not Always A Single Massive Piece

This seems to be a common misconception among many consumers. L shaped sofas are typically made of one, two or more individual pieces which are placed together to form the shape of the alphabet L. You can always separate them and rearrange based on your personal requirements.

In fact, one of the best perks of an L shaped sofa is that they can also double as a super comfortable bed or lounging seat when not used as a sofa. Most millennials and well folks with small homes with little room for large or numerous furniture products opt L shaped sofas because they are multifunctional. And the best part is that L shaped sofas do all of this while looking great. They definitely add a contemporary touch to any space!

L Shaped Sofas Come In All Kinds Of Styles And Color Themes

Except for maybe the L shaped arrangement as such, everything else can be easily customized. Colors, materials, upholstery, filling, cushions – L shaped sofas offer numerous styling possibilities that could have you use it throughout various decor themes. With a muted, solid colored L shaped sofa, you can create at least 10 different styles using various colors of cushions, wraps, sofa covers, and more such accessories.

Thanks to the boom in e-commerce platforms, you can now shop for furniture right at home. A quick look at leading furniture shopping sites will reveal that L shaped sofas are hugely popular with the crowd. And that’s not all, they’re also very popular in the renting and used goods markets. Owing to the fact that they have high aesthetic value, it is only natural that interior designers are coming up with fresh ideas to style L shaped couches.

Price Range For L Shaped Couches

Thankfully, L shaped sofas are not always astronomically prices. Yes, they very high-end furniture houses often have plush leather L shaped sofas that should cost a few lakhs. But small time shops in parts of Bangalore famous for furniture like Shivaji Nagar, Thippasandra etc have very budget friendly versions that start at around INR 15k.

You should also be able to find affordable ones online, both brand new and second hand. In fact, if you’ve been hunting for quite some time and haven’t found something in the dimensions and color theme you are looking for, feel free to approach Guarented. We have an in-house team of carpenters, artisans, craftsmen and the likes who can create furniture exclusively for you. Custom made furniture is our forte of sorts and we promise to do it at an affordable rate.

Where Can I Get An L Shaped Couch?

Like we mentioned before, you can always check the local carpenters and furniture houses first to compare prices and designs. We strongly recommend that you measure the space you plan to place your sofa to avoid buying something too large or too small. Incorrectly sized furniture can be a big eyesore in any living room.


You can also get in touch with Guarented for premium quality pre-owned couches or even place an order for a custom made one should you have a unique design in mind. Either way, if you are in Bangalore, be assured that there is no dearth for good quality furniture products in your budget margin. It will be easy to find what you need in no time at all.

Downside Of L Shaped Sofa Sets

Well, as of now, they top the list when it comes to benefits and aesthetic values. However, some argue that there are a few reasons which make them seem a tad less favorable than conventional sofa sets. Here’s how.


  1. When separated, they do not have armrests. At least not all pieces can have them. Which kind of puts off some people.
  2. A few interior decorators argue that it makes people sit together quite closely. This may not be comfortable for all your guests. Some people are known to enjoy their space and that should be respected.
  3. L shaped sofas don’t suit ethnic decor themes well. While we find this to be a subjective view, we leave it to the reader to take a call on this.
  4. L shaped couches were designed with space conservation in mind. And while it does the purpose well, they may make a large room seem bare.


But these are fairly small flaws if you ask us. With the right accessories, an L shaped sofa will be the perfect addition to any space!

Get One Right Away

Check out Guarented’s collection of L-shaped sofas and have your mind blown! We have a very affordable range which is open to a few customizations as well! All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook as well. That way you’ll stay updated about our latest offers and discounts as well! Happy sofa shopping everyone!

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